• There's several free sites out there, and they give you templates to use, you just pick one and fill in the blanks! Angelfire is one. I have a website with them...never did anything with it, but it's there! lol Also, check with your isp. I had a free website when I had Comcast through them.
  • Your ISP usually has room set aside for you. They could help you. Or there are free sites online like Geocities, Yahoo, Anglefire, Tripod. They have WYSIWYGs for you to use for getting your site up and running. They are very easy to use. And after that you may want to get more into it and learn HTML or get some software to help you get fancier. Homesite is a good program to use for that.
  • Crappy, but free. I know of nothing else.
  • Have fun...
  • It would first help if you spelled it right (website). Look at the instructions and tips on this list.
  • =)
  •, are some goods websites to get started on. But if you want you can make a website totally on your own. Using text edit. Hope you have fun. = )
  • well i want 2 show u but email me or

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