• hmm, I really think regret is a waste of time...I mean, isnt regret all tied up in the past? Whats the point of dwelling on something you cant can, however, learn from the things you did or didn't do and look forward to your future!
  • Another world class, thought provoking question from Highlander! I regret nothing I have done in my life. I have done some aweful things that I will not do again. I don't harbor these things as regrets, because I keep them on the shelf as life's lessons. All of the things that you would "do different" if you had it to do over again are actually investments in who you are. I guess my simple answer would be that I regret things that I didn't do.
  • I try not to regret, its a waste of energy and time. In the past I have spent hours worrying about past transgressions but that never helped me. The best thing is to stay in the present and move forward. Bygones with troubles! Full steam ahead with the future!!!
  • As much as I would want to say I don't regret anything i did or didn't do in my life, i can't. I regret most of the things that I did that included drugs because it took a toll on my relationship with my family as well as with my true friends. It ruined my life and it almost killed me. It took precious time to start a new and stand on my own two feet again. As for the things that I didn't do, well i'm just hoping that someday I will be given another chance to do whatever it is (if its still possible).. so I guess my answer would be -- I regret more the things I did.
  • I regret the things that I haven't done...yet. i'm still young so there's plenty of time for that. I have no regrets on my past. I did a lot of bad shit because I was a heroin addict & not a nice person because of the drugs that I did. I still don't regret it because it showed me how strong I am mentally (getting $ for drugs, quitting, etc.). I now apply those skills to my life in a positive way. Also, I am an example for my son who is 14 & is just starting to experiment with weed. Nothing gets past me. Also, if it weren't for me making the mistakes I did, I would not have learned a lesson from it about myself & I would not be where I am today...married with a beautiful 3 y/o daughter.
  • Definately what I didn't do.
  • I regret a lot of things I did in my life.
  • Without doubt the things I've done.
  • What a GREAT question. I regret the things that I've done but I'm trying to teach my daughter to NEVER to regret what she could've would've or should've done
  • I regret everything.I do accept that i cant go back and change it.Everything i have done i dnt regret in ways depending on the situation.
  • The things I didn't do...some are too late but some I need to get busy with.
  • the things i never did...because i'll always be left wondering "what if"
  • things I did
  • The things I never did. I'm fighting with the shoulda, coulda, wouldas of my life especially what I should've said and never did.
  • Seems to me that having passed on legitimate pleasures is not the best way to live. On the other hand, there are more of them than I could ever experience. Essentially no regrets---I tried to do the best I could at the time consistent with my personal philosophy of life.
  • I have no regrets for what I did or will do in the future.
  • I have no regrets of anything I did, and since I do not have the skill to see the outcomes and consequences of doing what I did not do...I don't regret not doing them either.

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