• Wow. If those are my only choices... I'd pick c) none of the above.
  • Let nature destroy them gradually. There really is no point in trying to protect them in a cage. Millions of species have died off since the beggining of the world and many more will die before it ends. It is just the way things are meant to be. One species dies off and a stronger one takes its place; the balance is maintained. Who are we to tamper with that? Besides most animals do very poorly in captivity, better to let them stick it out and see what happens.
    • mushroom
      Humans are responsible for most mass extinctions since the end of the last ice age. Decimating forests and polluting land, water and air It is not nature's way.
  • The key word is NATURE. Protect them in the wild (i.e.: Prosecuting poachers, not littering, etc.) The only thing we need to protect nature from is US.
  • Nature destroys nothing - let alone "gradually". Almost all endangered species are that way because of human actions.
    • Archie Bunker
      Tell that to the dinosaurs.
  • Neither, they should be protected from unnecessary danger and let those who wish protect them, not the government, unless its the government that is causing the danger.
  • Nature weeds out the species that cannot adapt. Natural selection, dude.

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