• The song "Sacrifice" is about the end of a relationship/divorce. When "things go wrong", the vocalist reiterates his feelings by downplaying the break-up as "no sacrifice at all".
  • The song is a lament about being insensitive to what you sacrifice when others suffer as a result of your persuit of self-gratification.
  • The song "Sacrifice" is about a marriage relationship destroyed through infidelity. The first verse describes the trouble: ." When the relationship is difficult, it is easy for a married man to be tempted- "Its a human sign, when things go wrong- the scent of her lingers,temptation's strong." Each married man may be faced with marriage problems ("negativity lands") leading to the call of "sweet deceit," seeking illicit love outside the marriage. "Cold heart, hard done (hardened) by you." The relationship chills, hardens, more distance, and then a fleeting opportunity for a fling looks better than the painful relationship he's committed to ("some things look better just passing through"). The infidelity rips the relationship apart: "After the fact": "mutual misunderstanding," "sensitivity builds a prison," "we lose direction," "no stone unturned" (with all trust lost, everything is accused and judged)... "jealousy burns." I tend to think that the repeated "Its no sacrifice" represents the writer trying to convince himself that not that much has been lost, for after all, the two hearts were already living in two separate worlds.
  • I want to think that the lyrics are saying that a marriage relationship is not a sacrifice ( I need everything to encourage me right now). I would rather believe that the first verse says one should not be too disappointed when things go wrong - its a human sign. It is natural to be tempted at this point. It goes on to describe the various steps happening in the our hearts when things are difficult. We should learn and understand that the pain or difficulty is a result of not communicating - forming our separate worlds after allowing otherwise fleeting temptations to rest and take root in our minds. Marriage is not that difficult - its not a sacrifice, we just need to understand the root cause of the problem which is not communicating ( mutual misunderstanding after the fact - being too sensitive at being 'wronged' by the other person - start looking for all the things wrong with the other person - and start looking for the hope of a 'better' partner. Marriage is not a sacrifice at all - we just need to communicate effectively and everything will be fine (at least one hopes so) Once we join the worlds, it will become a lot easier.
  • It's a human sign When things go wrong: When the scent of her lingers And temptation's strong, || It's normal to be tempted by an opportunity || outside of a committed relationship. Into the boundary Of each married man Sweet deceit comes calling And negativity lands. || And when this happens, it's easy to see || what's wrong with your primary relationship || by comparison to the new opportunity. Cold, cold heart, Hard done by you... || Life with "you" (the singer's spouse) has || not been easy, and has made the singer's heart || "cold." For a moment, he is blaming his spouse || for the temptation of another... Some things look better baby, Just passing through. || But he knows the third person only looks so good || because the relationship will be transient. And it's no sacrifice, Just a simple word. || The simple word is "No"; and it is, of course, || a sacrifice, though one that must be made. It's two hearts living In two separate worlds. || The spouse will never know or understand what || the singer gives up. (Presumably the reverse || is true as well.) || || Also, the "outsider" and the singer live || in two separate worlds, as she (or he) || cannot be a part of the life the singer has || with his spouse. But it's no sacrifice, No sacrifice, It's no sacrifice at all. || The singer can't speak of the sacrifice... || all one can say to the person one loves is that || fidelity is no sacrifice, even though it's not true. Mutual misunderstanding After the fact: Sensitivity builds a prison In the final act. || (This one is difficult to explain...) || || Being "sensitive" --- being aware that something is || going on --- can trap one in a position where it is || difficult to do what is best. Some things cannot be || discussed or understood, only accepted and forgiven. We lose direction, No stone unturned. || In the process of analyzing every detail and confronting || everything that has happened (or might have happened), || we forget about what really matters. No tears to damn you When jealousy burns. || (I think here the singer's spouse has become aware || of the real or potential affair and will not be || consoled by the singer's insistence that he has || rejected the possibility and it is "no sacrifice"; || she undoubtedly understands that he is not without || regret.) || || Jealousy can blind one to what is best; || your tears would tell you what was right || if they weren't suppressed by anger.
  • The song is about someone who has stopped an affair, because he/she has gone back to his partner. I would guess there are kids involoved bacause there is no scarafice big enough when you have kids :-)
  • The song sacrifice is about the fall of a man in his married life just due to to the lust for every other women that comes his way.This state is due to their sour relation and its is the fact that the singer has to go through it though he accepts it to be frail, he defines his married life as sacrifice and want to end up here as he says "no sacrifice at all".
  • "Mutual 'mis'understanding" *What he wants from this is a Piece and never intended to destroy his real responsibility, but she expected much more.* Nobody seemed to address this part.
  • I think this song is about a husband who faced the common temptation to cheat and he fell. He hurt his wife deeply, it made things hard, and his song to her is, "It's no sacrifice..." ... he's saying "you're enough, you're enough, the passing pleasure seemed good for the moment, but it's not a real relationship. He realizes a real relationship does not begin and end with pleasure, it takes work, and he made her insecure and scorned. He regrets what he did.

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