• Crystalline fructose is table sugar. It's not GOOD for you, but it's not anything new to the diet. :)
  • Crystalline fructose is NOT table sugar. That's sucrose. Crystalline fructose is pure - HFCS has all kinds of sugars in it. Fructose metabolizes slower than all other sugars. It's suitable for diabetics, because in moderate quantities, it doesn't make their blood sugar spike.
  • Crystalline fructose comes only from a corn syrup base that has been artificially processed to yield a 99.5% fructose concentration, where High Fructose Corn Syrup is a 45-55% concentration blended with Glucose. This high concentration of corn starch fructose provides a lot of benefits to the manufacturers food and beverage products as with any concentration, it means you can do more with less. It also adds additional stability, relating to heat, cold, longevity and moisture tolerances. The risk on the consumer side is that fructose has to be processed by your body via your liver, and to a less extent your kidneys; where glucose is purely absorbed by your body on a cellular level. Where High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) has gained a bad rep because of the to fructose levels that attribute to fatty deposits growing on the liver that can lead to liver disease and kidney issues, Crystalline fructose could do as much or more damage. It is also misleading the public where people are trying to avoid HFCS in their diets. The argument that is safer the HFCS because there is less of it in your diet is deceiving as the concentration could be harmful then the volume consumed. Of course as with everything, it comes down to moderation, though I am angry that the FDA allows the use of the term to hide the fact that this is sugar derived from a corn starch.

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