• You probably will need the following resources: 1.Financing 2.A good location 3.Good suppliers with the right product categories, varieties, deliver times etc 4.Employee’s 5.You will probably want to incorporate 6.Find a good lawyer and Accountant and use them before you make any moves. 7.Miscellaneus equipment such as cash registers, clothing racks etc. 8.You will want to create a business plan that details everything including finance, marketing, management, operations etc. 9.You might be able to find an operations manual for this type of business online that you could purchase. I would recommend this if it is your first time. 10.Experience probably counts for a lot as well. Good luck with this.
  • WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO???? regular stores are becoming old hat at an alarming rate!! instead you better look into starting an online business!! trust me on this one!!!! just look around at all the dead malls and brick/mortar stores closing, firing employees, etc................ why on earth would you wanna start another store????? ITS THE 21ST CENTURY......look into online retailing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok?????

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