• No being helpful.
  • GW doesn't have to hide anything. He has a secret history that will remain secret, there are people who take care of those kind of things. Remember when the buzz was all about where he was during his time in the Air National Guard? That story had wings, but the wings got cut off. Dan Rather was the fall guy for that, who is going to try that again? (Not that I like Dan Rather) What I am saying is, there are things about all the so called public servants that will always remain secret, because at some level, they are all on the same team, with the same handlers managing their personas. There is the illusion you see, and the reality you don't see.
  • His stack of porno mags away from the prying eyes of Laura.
  • Nothing..he is an empty suit with nothing going on either in the area where others have brains or where others have hearts..what we see is what we get..a superficial, talking head, programmed by his "keepers" to do and say what they want him to say. :(
  • himself
  • There's probably plenty of things. He is the President after all, not just some guy.
  • Apparently the truth!! And he has such an unusual ability to do it. By hiding his earlier problems, George W. Bush learned what is becoming a dangerous lesson, that his family and political connections can protect him from the truth. What mostly President Bush (understandably) chose not to highlight, is his administration’s continuing determination to undermine, restrict and censor the investigation of the most significant event of his Presidency, the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York City -- In fact, in 2003, he declined to commit the White House to turning over highly classified intelligence reports to the independent federal commission investigating the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, despite public threats of a subpoena from the bipartisan panel. In 2004, George Walker Bush didn’t want his re-election subject to any informed judgment about the disaster that reshaped the nation and his Presidency -- Why should such crucial facts be withheld from the voters? -- The Bush Administration, needed to legitimize a stolen presidency, (which was a fraud from the start) and to distract everyone from Bush's spending like a drunken sailor. Meanwhile, the American people are supposed to bend over backward with testimonials, saying it would be unthinkable that George Walker Bush would ever intentionally mislead the people, even when the public is watching a train wreck of lies about the reasons for the Iraq War.
  • More than a few skeletons.
  • Despite the fact that the CIA and DIA knew who the hijackers were, and what their intentions were, 9/11 happened anyway. That happened because Dubya refused to roll-up the cells in 2001. Why? We can surmise it had something to do with giving some old friends breathing space to clean up the books of the financial network that tied UBL in with the same Islamic bankers who were financing A.Q. Khan and Grover and Jack Abramoff's K Street Project before the Bushies rolled out their own. Wouldn't you try to cover that up, if you were in their shoes?
  • everything since birth!
  • the gate to satans lair
  • Maybe he hid his brain and forgot where he put it, and is poorly trying to hide the loss?
  • He is a body double will the real GWB make himself known? Brent Mendenhall as The President of the United States
  • That George W. Bush was arrested for cocaine possession in 1972, but had his record expunged with help from his family's political connections. In an afterword to his book "Fortunate Son: George W. Bush and the Making of an American President" (St. Martin's). Hatfield says he took a second look at the Bush cocaine allegations after a story in Salon reporting allegations that Bush did community service for the crime. Hatfield quotes "a high-ranking advisor to Bush" who confirmed that Bush was arrested for cocaine possession in Houston in 1972, and had the record expunged by a judge who was "a fellow Republican and elected official" who helped Bush get off "with a little community service at a minority youth center instead of having to pick cotton on a Texas prison farm." Hatfield quotes a former Yale classmate who told him: "George W. was arrested for possession of cocaine in 1972, but due to his father's connections, the entire record was expunged by a state judge whom the older Bush helped get elected. It was one of those 'behind closed doors in the judges' chambers' kind of thing between the old man and one of his Texas cronies who owed him a favor ... There's only a handful of us that know the truth."
  • the truth, the crack he snorts everyday, HIS weapons of mass destruction.
  • That flask, inside pocket of his monkey suite.
  • A few thousand uncounted ballots casted by Ohio voters.
  • Don't ever ask that again.
  • His ass. There is probably so much part of it to be hidden with ducktape. Good thing he has insurance=influence.
  • I don't know what GWB has to hide, but he alto dig himself A huge hole and bury himself in it for what he and Cheeney and his whole Administration has done to this Country. It is unforgiveable and he and his Administration will be known as the worst in The US History. Ed C
  • The truth why he send American soliders to die in a foreign country with no reason.
  • Most answerers have given most of the answers. However, in order to dodge Vietnam he supposedly flew around Red Stone Arsenal in Alabama, but the Commander said he never remembers even seeing him. So that's something else he has to hide.
  • His blow up doll

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