• Common sense tells me to not mess with the brake fluid. If your car no longer steers... well, thats a problem too.
  • They should never be mixed, as they all serve different purposes. Brake fluid is also very caustic, and may eat through hoses.
  • No. As a rule of thumb, never mix vehicle fluids. They may look and/or feel the same, but they are all different on the microscopic level, they all contain different chemicals, and they are all designed for their stated use. You mineswell put brake fluid in your transmission...It just doesn't make sense. The antifreeze is designed to capture, hold, then release heat. The power steering fluid is designed to lubricate and clean all components of the steering box, etc. Brake fluid is designed to not freeze, not compress under any circumstances, withstand high pressure and heat, yet move freely between calipers and the master cylinder. They all are liquids, but they are all different. In a pinch there are some substitutions you can make but that normally involves replacing lines or other components when you get to a shop.

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