• they are one country.
  • It depends on what you mean by "Win". Please can you elaborate on that.
  • Everybody would lose, including folks not involved directly.
  • Militarily (considering no other ramifications) either the U.S. or Israel as they could use nukes. Obviously this depends on the concept of war i.e. unlimited, conventional. In the long run however, all sides lose in any conflict.
  • No one really ever wins a war. Many people die because of differences of opinion. That is so sad.
  • Stableboys answer is ultimately the correct one. I'm going to answer purely on strategic and logistical abilities, and pretend that no one is nuclear... My answer is purely based on conventional warfare. Israel would establish early air superiority. Their pilots and equipment are absolutely top shelf. Israel would excel at small surgical target strikes with specialized ground units. Israel will suffer in an all out skirmish of ground units taking over large targets (cities) requiring armor, artillery and infantry. US air superiority would be established. Surgical ground strikes would be successful, and Armor, artillery and infantry will quickly claim cities. So either country could show what appeared to be an immediate and decisive victory. Unfortunately, the term "decisive" is not so clear in the bigger picture. The Iranians are not weak, and would continue to fight back for years. Ultimately, there will be no winner because the culture will not be changed. The culture I speak of is not the culture of the majority. The vast majority are good people. The culture that will not change is the radical militants that represent the few. The only thing we would have accomplished is to weaken the Iranian military infrastructure, and negate the ability of Iran's good people to defend themselves.
  • Many wars have been fought in the past 3000 years of history and not all winners were the most advanced military might. Nothing has changed! Nothing will change as humans once superior (in military or other means) become simple bully’s and bully's require fuel, that fuel is aggregation. In regards of wining! I presume the superpower in the short run. But will they succeed? I certainly think NOT and that’s simply because the Persians have been there (in the same place on earth) for over 3500 years and survived wars with, Romans, religions movements, Mongols, Arabs, Russians, British. And many more,,, And they shall remain there as Persians for years to come…..
  • The United States would blow the shit out of Iran period. And as far as the WINNER goes. A war with Iran wouldnt be the final war ever fought. It would simply be a battle of many wars to come. So imo if we defeated Iran in a battle then yes we are the winner of that battle but not the winner of the war because war will never end regardless of the enemy. Wheter it be Russia, North Korea, hell Cube for what its worth..The most important thing we will have won is the comfort knowing our families and friends have a few more years of safety from a country who wishes harm on another country of different views and cultures.
  • if a war would break out in the region, it all depends on the objectives each side sets. Israel will obviously set their objectives to most extreme, the elimination of a country in which it can only nuke that country, it could be Syria, Lebanon,Iran, or Palestine. the rest of the Arab Countries are Allies to Israel. Nuke any of these countries could eliminate Israel Firstly, as Iran already Have the Bomb. The conventional war Israel Will Loose as They will need a ground troops to get in and their troops are cowards pussies and most of them gays and lesbians they don't fight they run behind tanks and hide behind each other. The strongest country is any member of these countries troops as their solders don't die they rise to heaven where god gives them all they need.they don't fear they fight like hell they worship Allah, they dies for Islam and they fight for Jerusalem. Israel will never fight Iran or Syria or Lebanon, as they know they can't win, but pick on Palestine as their army is not equiped like Hizbollah. The Victorious will be Islam and Israel and USA will Die and vannish
  • America, FUCK YEAH!
  • say no to war! what is the role of harmless people who would killed in these wars. Tell me are Us and Israel, two countries without nuclear bomb?
  • Im English in case you think i am biast The United states would flatten iran and Israel in about a month if it concentrated its full military might on the middle east they would stand no chance they have all the money to keep their army funded they have the biggest and best navel equipment the have the biggest air force they would launch a full scale attack on Israel and crush it then move into iran and flatten it with no trouble at all.
  • Israel and the US could blow Iran all the way back to Genesis easily. And Ahmadinejad is wasting his time if he thinks the US or Israel will let him have even one nuke. Ahmadinejad knows the score. He is only hoping he can scare the US into breaking its alliance with Israel. If the US cut off military aid to Israel, it would only be a matter of hours before Israel drops the first nuke on Iran...and Syria and Saudi Arabia and any other Middle Eastern country with an axe to grind.
  • I'll take Israel and six points. +3

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