• Water in a spray bottle. Give him a little squirt when he does things that annoy you. He'll get the message.
  • Spray bottle always works pretty well.
  • You have to think like a cat, not like a human. If a cat ps off a superior (and they do have "pride" leaders, so they know about rank), they get bitten, and held down on their backs in submission position. You have to imitate a pride leader- you pinch, or slap (not to hurt, just to warn) and you push the cat over into submission and hold it there. It will learn.
  • stare it down.
  • I found this picture, it could help?
  • I read somewhere that cats find loud noises very unpleasant. It hasn't worked with my cat (he's a little tender), but it might be just the thing for a stubborn kitty.
  • either a squirt bottle or a fly swatter is what I always use.
  • Here's a trick that can help with biting. First and foremost, NEVER use your hands to play with your cat! This is the mistake most often made by cat owners. I have two cats that never bite or scratch our hands, simply because we've taught them from the very beginning that hands are not playthings. This also keeps cats from taking a swipe at an innocent guest or child. Beyond that, to try to break your cat of a biting habit, you can try this little trick that I've had some success with. When your cat grabs your hand and starts to bite, gently push your hand and fingers INTO the cat's mouth, like you're trying to put your fingers down it's throat. Don't try to hurt or be cruel, of course, but by not pulling away, which causes the cat to grab and bite harder, and instead pushing your hand into it's mouth, the cat's usual reaction is to let you go and get away from the hand. This is not foolproof, though. I had one cat that was a complete stubborn snot and he tried to rip me to shreds no matter what method I used, lol. But this is worth a try. You've already gotten the spray bottle answer for getting/keeping the cat off the furniture. This works quite well! It doesn't hurt them and offends them at the deepest level.

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