• Jack and Coke is a good aid. No in all seriousness its confidence. You either have it or you don't. You can pick it up but usually it requires you to be in a place with yourself where you don't have any faults that are easily noticed.
  • Nope. No cure, except for possibly age and experience and those aren't even guaranteed, lol. You forgot to mention your mouth gets dry as dust! Although it would be nice to be able to always be 'cool as a cucumber' around a lovely female, there will always be one that will knock you senseless, if you are female inclined. Take a swig of water, clear your throat, stand straight and proud and dare to look that goddess in the eyes! Stop stuttering! Jeez. ;-) You'll get past the worst of it with age, my friend, hopefully. Just remember she's as human and fragile as you are, usually, and quite often more so. She may be a lot more confident due to those bodacious curves and kicking eyes, but she is usually looking for the same things you are. And, in the end, would you really want it any other way?
    • Roaring
      Very well said
  • It's called puberty.
  • Hmm! Odd behavior, try using the lady's room !
  • you're cute! :D just be who you are. be confident. act like normal. or ordinary.. and remember that they have nothing to do with you. relax !

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