• The way he made it into office was enough for me. The rest was just icing on the cake.
  • Yes!! -- And Bush got it wrong on pre-war intelligence, wrong on Katrina, wrong on tax cuts for the rich, wrong on cuts in benefits for the poor, wrong on burgeoning deficits, etc. . . Bush administration is just wrong for America.
  • Iraq is George W. Bush's mess and his failure, and will be his preaidential legacy. A legacy of failure.
  • WMD's are in Syria, but it was certainly a big mistake to go into Iraq. America *SHOULD* have listened to the Israelis who told them not to go to Iraq but to focus on the much more dangerous terrorist sponsors: Syria and Iran.
  • I think WMD was just the excuse he needed to get support from congress for what he really wanted to do -- which was to occupy a middle eastern country, and wage "the war against terrorism" from there. Of course, it also secures one of the largest supplies of oil in the world -- China will soon consume as much oil as drivers of American built SUV's do -- so the USA needs to secure that oil patch for those consumers.
  • Bush and Rumsfeld have run the war disastrously for the US. I don't know whether ANY president could have done an invasion / occupation / rebuilding to the point that it would have had a good effect on the region, but Bush is off the charts. However, as much as I hate to, let's be fair to Bush. Bill Clinton, the UN, and even France thought that Iraq had WMD's, and Saddam was sure acting like it up until 2003. Saddam used to have a nuclear program, which Israel destroyed in 1982 or so.
  • -- answer withdrawn --
  • Yes it is more than enough.
  • Actually half of that would be enough!
  • It wasn't just Bush, his political appointees, military leaders, Congress, the Senate, Republicans and Democrats alike - all backed him passing numerous Congressional and Presidential Acts that failed every American citizen. These shameful acts threw this country into a position of spiraling debt, rising war costs, failed foreign policies, hostage to oil thugs, and forever losing the title of world advocate for peace. Bush didn't have the brains to do it alone, seriously.

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