• All Mexicans have a velvet painting in their house.....all Orientals are good at math.....all Germans are angry and sexually deviant.....Scandinavians are promiscuous....the French are all snobs......all Canadians play hockey and say "eh"........shall I go on?
  • The Germans have no sense of humour, the french have no word for bath and Americans think going to disneyland counts as a foreign holiday. :-) Just what I've heard, I'm sure its not true ( except maybe the Frence ).
  • Asians: smart Middle Eastern Indian(don't know if that's right): smart French: 'dirty,' don't take baths... women don't shave Mexicans: lazy, have religious things as decor, all have their last names tattooed on their backs in old English Blacks: lazy, criminals, unemployed Europeans in general: snobby, hate Americans these are just things that I've heard, so please don't get offended ya'll.
  • Americans are loud, Germans and Belgiums have no sense of humour. Danes are crazy and drink a lot of lager. French are arrogant , rude and self seeking. Spanish are Happy chappies or gigolos. There are sterotypes for most nationalities
  • Asians: Good at math, skinny, active, and bad drivers...
  • Everybody on the Isle of Sheppey are known to be related to one another (that's why they all look the same).
  • This might help: Heaven is where the police are British, the cooks are French, the mechanics German, the lovers Italian, and it is all organised by the Swiss. Hell is where the cooks are British, the mechanics French, the lovers Swiss, the police German, and it is all organised by the Italians.
  • French - Rude Germans - Racist Americans - Fat, stupid, incestuous British - strange sense of humour, invented 9/10 sports but are crap at them, proud Scandinavians (in general) - Hard working. Note that these are just stereotypes and not necessarily true.
  • Aussies- great sense of humour and giving someone a fair go
  • 1) "Generalizations about cultures or nationalities can be a source of identity, pride ... and bad jokes. But they can also cause a great deal of harm. Both history and current events are full of examples in which unfavorable stereotypes contribute to prejudice, discrimination, persecution or even genocide." Source: "Science gets the last laugh on ethnic jokes" 2) "We know most foreign cultures, and much of our own culture, by reputation only. We have an "image" of the Scottish, Belgian or Spanish national character even though we personally may know at most only a handful of people from those countries, and have no way of assessing how "typical" these persons are as representatives of their nation. Even so, we have no problem in recognizing certain temperamental attributes as being "typical" for certain nations: the Scottish reputation for stinginess, the Belgian reputation for stupidity, the Spanish reputation for pride, are sufficiently well known for us to enjoy jokes or stories which invoke, and rely on a knowledge of, those attributes. There is a degree of vagueness as to the "truth" of these commonplaces concerning national character. Many people will admit a curious sort of half-belief, stating that, yes, of course, they are stereotypes and generalizations, but at the same time it cannot be denied that there are significant differences between Scotsmen and Spaniards..." "Imagologists tend to be extremely sceptical concerning the objective information value of such "images", and stress the incalculable amount of suffering that such prejudices have caused (e.g. the treatment of Jews in various European countries throughout history; the treatment of supposedly "inferior" and sub-human natives in various European colonies), as opposed to their total lack of usefulness in concrete (political, economic or practical) terms." "The north of any given country is more down-to-earth, more businesslike, more prosaic, more individualist and more freedom-loving that the south of that country " "The periphery of any given area is more traditional, timeless, backward, "natural"; the centre of that area is more cosmopolitan, modern, progressive, "cultural"." "Countries are always contradictory in a specific way: their most characteristic attribute always involves its own opposite. Thus Frenchmen are either formal, rational, cool, distanced (type: Giscard d'Estaing) or else excitable, sanguine, passionate (type: Louis de Funès)" Source and further information: 3) "That’s the sinister thing about national stereotypes: they are almost always negative (stupid, drunk or beer swilling; lazy, lacking a sense of humour, or arrogant). They tell us nothing good about the stereotyped individual. And the irony is that we never believe the one about ourselves, even though we secretly think all the others are true. At their worst, stereotypes are called upon to justify racist thoughts about other nationalities. From Aberdeen and Alicante to Warsaw and Zurich, there are stereotypes to fit every nationality and every viewpoint." "Stereotypes simply justify our racist thoughts about other nationalities. The truth is that the Spanish aren’t lazy, the Czechs don’t sit around all day boozing, the Scots aren’t the meanest race in the world and the Germans do have a sense of humour. Even Swiss trains don’t always run on time. " Source and further information: Is there any truth in national stereotypes?
  • Mexicans can make some delicious food out of a few very basic ingredients. This is VERY true.
  • New Zealanders like thier 'sheep'.
  • Pole's (Polish) have a stigma of being stupid. This actually stems from a US immigration policy that required an "intelligence test" created during a large Pole migration to the US that was written in English. So, the immigrating Poles that knew no English were considered dumb. That's why there are Polish jokes.
  • Nobody differs alot in each country, EVERYONE is unique no matter which country you live in Its just how you are brought up I guess in your surroundings etc
  • Lisa, who are "your people"? If you mean ethnic stereotypes, then almost any ethnic or racial group is "known for" SOMEthing, most of them negative. But it depends on who is doing the stereotyping. As a Texan of Scottish descent, I have had to live with a basketful of stereotypes. Texan: brash, loud, Redneck, filthy rich, wear a revolver and kill 2 wild Red Indians every morning before breakfast. Scottish: drunkard; stingy; primitive thinking; wear a kilt to work; sole diet is oatmeal, haggis, and whisky. But the general answer to your question is yes. Oh, Hell yes!
  • Australian : Sporty, always having barbeques and have kangaroos for pets (last part NOT true. AT ALL) Native American: In touch with nature Middle Eastern: Muslims (also NOT true. my friend is lebanese and she is orthodox lebanese) Scottish: Eat Haggis. aka. weirdest dish on earth. Pacific Islanders: Hula BTW. im LOVE english humor. not dry at all (well for me and my black books/mighty boosh obsessed friends anyway.)
  • Well... I'm Italian, I'm not loud, I'm reserved, and of course I have nothing to do with mafia. I don't have such a strong sense of family either... Stereotypes I hear frequently: English don't shower much and are nasty French are snobs Americans are ignorant and shallow Just one note: always remember that stereotypes often come from one source rather than a real knowledge of a country. It's a single image which is repeated and exaggerated for years, may have been real, at leats partly, but is now outdated. For example, I think many st. about Italy spring from the comedies from the 50s and 60s, when italian cinema was quite popular.

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