• Why would you want to?!
  • Because then they turn into troubled adults, like me. Took me 20 years to do what my parents could have probably done in 5 with a little pluck and application.
  • Because that child, if properly helped, can grow up and know how to help troubled children themselves, having been there!
  • We never know where or when the seeds we plant are going to grow. And children need to know that they're loved unconditionally, even when we hate their behavior. Part of giving up is slacking off on discipline though.
  • Without love they don't stand a chance. Giving up is never the right thing for a child. I have had my moments with my oldest. It has been tough but we are breaking through. All he needed was tough love and lots of hugs. Please never give up on your children. They are our future and need all the guidance you can give.
  • Because it's rare that the child is "troubled" for no reason. Generally there is something behind it. Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it's not there. And you were the one that created the child, and you should have done so without expecting raising them to be easy. It's rare that A child is so troubled that they will not respond to help, the one case that comes to mind is sociopathy, but it's not diagnosable in children under 18, and Isn't always recognizable.
  • I think that troubled people are in desperate need of love, and if you give up on them: 1- it might endanger other ppls lives (if they ever do anything really bad like shootings etc) 2- it might endanger the child's life itself 3- it goes against moral and ethical reasons. It would go against the social construct that values the life of an individual as being the utmost protected and valuable thing. Maybe in the old days when Spartacus reigned we would've said something else but in todays zeitgest it is like that.
  • You should never give up on a child. Period.
  • Because I was one..... and with the help of just person you feel like you are no longer worthless and you go on to help those who were just like pay it forward .
  • The more troubled they are, the more they need someone that will never give up. Otherwise they will give up on themselves.
  • They would think nobody care so why should I.
  • Caue they are your child. A parents love is unconditional. You should never give up in any child. letting them down like that would be so horrible.
  • The behaving of a troubled teen makes us to give up, but at that time only we need to take care of them more effectively. At that point onwards they need to be guided in each and every thing, so that they can understand the consequences.

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