• Yes and a size 0 is big for her, she is anorexic.
  • I used to be and I hated it. No matter how much I ate or how "fattening" the food, I simply could not gain weight. Not even when I was pregnant (except for the last one) I gained 12 lbs with my first, she weighed 7 lbs, 9 lbs with my second, she weighed 6 lbs and 30 lbs with the third, he weighed 6.5 lbs. (I weighed 130 lbs the day before I had him).
  • By trying to starve themselves to death. There is no such thing as a size Zero in the UK. The very smallest adult size is a Size 6 and that is very very rare.
  • no even my mother who is a size 2 and under weight is not a size 0, me i can get into a size 6 if need
  • I know someone who is a size 0 today. Granted, she died ten years ago, which is a great weight-loss plan if anyone is interested. The pounds just melt right off your body, and you don't have to do anything, just lie around all day on your back.
  • I was a size zero up until my youngest son was born...just had a really fast thats slowed down
  • I dont know where you live, but in Canada, a size six is not really skinny at's just healthy... I'm a size 4-5 and I could lose a few...
  • Well, I was a size 0 when I was 17. I was the same height as I am now (5'4) and weighed 89 lbs. How did I get there? Eating 600 calories a day for months. There are very few people who are naturally that small, and if you aren't? I wouldn't recommend trying to get there, or you could wind up with osteoporosis before you're legal drinking age. I am in Canada, and I'm a size 3 currently, at 110 lbs... I'm 21... I don't know how that stacks up against other countries... an American 2 is loose on me, if that helps give you an idea.
  • the american size 0 is the equivilant to a UK size 4 and the lowest size you can get in the UK is size 6. they get there by not eating or puking after they eat anything
  • I know a person whose size 0 jeans are baggy. She's a marathon runner.
  • I was a size 14 in kids in 12 grade, I got teased and was called anorexia,I hated it but I was just that tiny,even now I wear a size 5 and am a grandma,but I am a very active grandma too. Its just your metabolism that makes you that size.
  • im size 36 on the spanish measurements i dont really know about thosescales but i thnk a 36 is not 2 thinny
  • im almost a size 00, like.. i used to be, but now 00 is too small, but 0 is still to big. i want to lose 10 pounds to fit into a 00 again!
  • hey everybody listen up, gorgeous women are those that have sexy athletic curves, thighs, hips, boobs, calves, butts! ive noticed that men love curvy golden girls that are nicely proportioned and toned. thats what we all need to strive for! not todays "hollywood esque" idea of what we all need to look like (a grayish sickly skeleton with a dress on and un-naturally round breasts) famous, gorgeous, rich, amazing, beautiful women have succeeded and rocked the world in sizes 3 to 16, baby! from 120 pounds to 150! SO EVERYBODY. JUST QUIT THE BULLSHIT AND LOVE YOURSELF. all size zeros should be jelous of sex godesses all around the world. eat yur heart out. PEACE.
  • I used to be. I was a size 0 until I was 21 yrs old but having babies fixes that problem.
  • I was when I was in my late 30's-early 40's. I started out eating almost nothing. Then when enough people bugged me I ate and then threw it up. People might have suspected it, but never knew for sure. My husband and I fought about my weight. I loved it, he hated it. I'm 43 now 5'2 110 lbs. I worry too much about weight to think I'll ever be fat, but I'll still work on being thinner.
  • yes. She is asian and does my nails and pedicures and had a baby about a year and a half ago. I told her she looked like she never had a baby! She said she works out twice a day. Morning and night. I know asians seem to be more petite but a size 0....this is her second baby too. My physicians asst. told me that she excersizes a lot too. That must be the key.....
  • Yes, they're naturally petite.
  • Yeah, this girl I knew in high school. She has always been like that. Her dad is Asian and her mom is an average looking white woman. They both seem average weight.
  • I don't know anyone who is a size 0. When I was a teen, and up until my early 20's, I was 135 lbs. (I'm about 5'8") Back then, I thought I was fat around my hips and thighs. I wore a size 8 comfortably, but would have loved to be a 6. Now I wear size 12 and I'm happy with my figure. I would like to be more toned and fit, but my overall size isn't an issue anymore. I look around at the other women in my town and know that I'm half the size of the majority of them. That tends to make me feel better about myself, but also very sad for them. It's hard to feel active and enjoy playing with your kids when you're carrying extra weight.
  • My friend's daughter is a senior in High school. She wears a 0 or a 2, depending on how it's cut! She's just always been tiny!

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