• Sounds pretentious and gay the way you put it....but what do I know?
  • I honestly couldn't care less. I know it is a real world championship, unlike the major American sports. I will give you that it is a real sport; however, lots of padding isn't required because there aren't any 350+ lbs linebackers who get a bonus for picking the opponent up and slamming them to the ground as hard as possible. At any rate, the reason I couldn't care less is that I find rugby to be dead boring. I used to watch some live games between the frats in college, but never really got into it.
  • Rugby is a great sport, and there are 350+ players, they just don't get awarded for slamming another to the ground, well at least not by the officials :)you might not have seen the heavier rugby teams. There are different types of rugby with different average sizes of players.
  • They are different KINDS of sports. In soccer, you just have to get one player clear for one skillful kick. American football is more like war--you have to conquer the enemy's territory by overpowering and outsmarting him. American football is a much more intellectual game than soccer with rules and strategies that are much more complex.
  • For gods sake,can we not just watch the sports we like instead of arguing about which is better. Im english, i play and watch and watch tons of football (american). I love both sports very much. To be honest theya are very different sports, AMf is very strategical and needs a lot of speed and strength to play. Rugby, you are always thinking what do to and where to go next, and you need to make quick decisions, you probably need to be fitter and have more stamina to be a rugger as the game is continuous (apart from penalties, marks and the like). But football requires a huge burst of strength and speed on each play. I don't know why we have to argue.

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