• Yep. I mean if I'm on my deathbed coughing up blood then maybe I will go......maybe.
  • Because I hate too see people suffering. I hope to see the day that we no longer need hospitals.
  • I don't hate hospitals cause they save lives, but I DO HATE the hospital smell. It always has this distinctive smell to it, same goes for the Nursing Homes, too, sadly.
  • Because they are full of sick people - and they are lonely - and they smell like death.
  • they are full of sick or dying people :)
  • I don't hate them. The hospital is one of the greatest creation of humankind!
  • All my loved ones died in hosptials.
  • The hospitals I have been to all use a glycolator to 'humidify' the air with a special poison to kill viruses and bacteria ... I prefer not to breathe that air ... both because of the 'tri-ethylene-glycol' in the air, and because of the vast amount and vast variety of viruses & bacteria also in the air.
  • I don't hate them. Without hospitals, people wouldn't get the medical help they need. Hospitals are a good and positive thing :))
  • It's not my favorite place to be but I don't think we could live without them.
  • Because I used to work in one.
  • I don't hate hospitals - unless I have to go there for a shot.
  • Because they charge too much. Wife had to go to ER. They admitted her for a few tests. She was released 32 hours later. Hospital bill alone was $14,350.00. That did not include doctors or lab fees which amounted to another $900.00. No insurance.
  • I do not hate hospitals. Three of the most wonderful things that have ever happened in my life happened at the hospital. I put the bad shit out of my mind, it's my nature.
  • Antibiotic-resistant staph infections.
  • Because of iatrogenesis: "Iatrogenesis literally means "brought forth by a healer" (iatros means healer in Greek); as such, it can refer to good or bad effects, but it is almost exclusively used to refer to a state of ill health or adverse effect or complication caused by or resulting from medical treatment. From a sociological point of view there are three types of iatrogenesis: clinical iatrogenesis, social iatrogenesis, and cultural iatrogenesis. While iatrogenesis is most often used to refer to the harmful consequences of actions by physicians, it can equally be the result of actions by other medical professionals, such as psychologists, therapists, pharmacists, nurses, dentists, etc. Further, iatrogenic illness or death is not restricted to Western medicine: alternative medicine (sometimes referred to as complementary medicine) may be considered a source of iatrogenesis for the same reasons." Source and further information:
  • I don't necessarily hate hospitals, but I hate having to drive 3 miles down the road to go to the bathroom when I am waiting a long time... Like for a baby or someone has an appendectomy...
  • I have spent more than an average amount of time in hospitals, though not because I worked there, and I don't mind them. One thing I do hate though, is the SMELL.
  • because they always tuck you in too tight at night...
  • Because it's so depressing and their food tastes like crap >.<;
  • because its never good news when i go there... can't they just let me off the one time!

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