• I know this too well. Imagine what it would feel like to have your heart ripped out, stomped on for awhile, shoved back in, and then restarted with a mighty slap.
  • If the one person I used to pour out my heart to dies, I'm sure not going to pour it out again. I wouldn't be able to do it if i wanted to. Its just too many conflicting feelings going at me all at once.
  • No, I can't.
  • A large part of you dies too.
  • When someone you Love dies it is an emptyness way beyond lonliness. You don't look forward to anything because no matter what happens good or bad they won't be there to share it with. All of the dreams and hopes and plans that were you go with them. The only thing that keeps you hanging on is the knowlege of God, the hope of being with them again someday and knowing you never want any one who loves you to go through such unbelievable pain. When you loose someone you love you push on... one minute, one hour, one day at a time, even though most of the time you feel numb.
  • Hollow, sick to your stomach, depressed, weepy, exhausted, drained of all energy. Theres also a feeling of incompleteness. When you find out it feels like what I would think it'd feel like to be hit by a Mack truck. The worst feelings you could possibly have all at the same time, that just don't seem to go away.
  • A door that opens to a part of life that you never knew existed. Shock - To know they are gone Pain - As if your stomach was on fire with uncontrolable flames that are consuming your very essence of life gasping for air Numb- Sadness, depression Loss - You will never have them near or see their smile, or speak to them on the phone ever again. Love - They know now how much you really love them. Coping - You realize they are not gone because they are alive in your memories. Blessed - To have had them in your life . Acceptance- That the day will come and you will cross over to the other side and be with them. Life- To still feel thier love that is still strong and true. Wisdom - We learn life thru Love.
  • No I can not put in words the exact feelings after losing someone you love.
  • I feel alone and scared because i was once with the person I love and shared happy times and now i can't because they're not there and it's pointless looking forward to anything or smiling...for one reason - they're not there to be with you anymore, smile with you, laugh with you, cry with you i just wish i could go with them...but i can't ....i have to go on and be strong...somehow.
  • Regret. You never really said all you wanted to, to them.
  • Pain Pain Pain it feels as if it will never go away He was my friend my love my heart and soul and i feel as if i will never be hole again
  • A sense of aloneness and loss. Emptiness.
  • There are no words that can describe what I feel when I lose someone I love, and why would you want me to.....What purpose does it have....Other than to make me sad?
  • I'd most likely shut down, inside.
  • I get happy!!! excited!!! orgazmic!!! and friggin hyper... I jump off my pants yelling of joy so everyone could hear me... Or WTF did you expect me to say and why??? Do you enjoy people suffering?
  • it was not half as bad as finding out they are still here!
  • Heartbroken, empty and lost.

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