• The only thing to do is get an acid based cream from a doctor. That would kill the bacteria quickly. Use a Q-tip and dip it into some peroxide. Press into the pimple then moisturise or apply an ice cube directly on the inflamed pimple. A dab of toothpaste is another popular cure. Also for pimple redness, apply Visine eyedrops. Hydrocortisone cream works well too. Light therapy I'm told is incredible and a natural solution. Hope this helps.
  • yes, actually this really works no lie you must take your own urine dip your finger just adab and dot on the pimple. your pimple will be gone in just 15 mins guaranteed.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Does it have to be your own urine, or can you use someone else's? LOL
  • Yes, apply a cleanser containing salicylic acid directly to the infected area and hold it there until you feel the tingling sensation. Works best with witch hazel as added ingredient.
  • I often use a white bookmark to cover it. It works perfectly.
  • i dont think so but noxerna used to help rne get rid of thern
    • Wakko
      I tried that, too. It didn't work for me.
  • When I was a teen I was a giant walking zit. NO, there is NOTHING that will get rid of one that fast!

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