• I got a second job, or extended the credit limit on my credit card. Yes, it helped, and yes it was worth it.
  • We had a huge garage sale. We had lots of things left from my mothers home when she passed away, and we had several aquariums in varying sizes. My husbands business is aquarium maintenance. We raised just over $5,000.00 that weekend.
  • Once I had a garage sale, that was worth it. I've borrowed money from my mom, that was way not worth it. She tends to feel that she owns you until you pay her back. ugh.
  • I was a paid volunteer participant in a large "phase IV" medical drug study that paid $5,500.00 for three in clinic stays of 11 days each ... we were given a well known brand name drug during one session (half of us were given a breakfast first while the other half took the known drug on an empty stomache) ... and then for the other two sessions we were given the same drug, with, then without a meal, but the drug was made by a different company under a generic name (after 7 years the drug's patent expires and anyone can make it) and the drug study was just a simple comparison. The payment was for the inconvienience of all the blood draws, urine samples, pulse & blood pressure checks done throughout the duration of the study. ... the money really helped while my participation was helpful to the generic drug manufacturer ... and YES, it was well worth it.
  • I sold my plasma in college for beer money. To be honest I really can't remember if it was worth it or not. I guess that would be an indication of a great time.

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