• Congradulations!!! Keep a close eye on her as I'm sure she's looking for a nice dark, warm place to deliver. So make a Whelping box make sure she has room to strech out while lying down and also turn around in it.(a cardboard box will do) put a towel in it for her. When you see her pacing alot or pushing get her to the box and let nature do it's thing. After her water breaks if she hasn't produced a pup wihtin two houes get her to your Vet.. Good Luck ;) P.S. When she's done ofcoarse change the box and bedding, make sure she is able to easily get in and out ok.
  • I don't have any pointers, sorry! I do however have a questinn... How long after mating did you realize she was pregnant? And what were the signs?
  • stay with her while she gives birth because she might need your help. you might have to open the sack the pups in if you see she is not opening the sack you need to because the pup will die if you dont.

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