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  • 40 times pi centimeters per second. The bug goes twice round a circle of radius 10cm in one second. Once round is 2 times pi times r for radius; so the bug travels 2 x 2 x 10 x pi centimeters in a second
  • This might help: 'Tangential Velocity Formula - The tangential velocity is the velocity measured at any point tangent to a turning wheel. Thus tangential velocity, vt is related to the angular velocity of the wheel, ω, and the radius of the wheel, r. Vt = ω r Vt = tangential velocity ω = angular velocity r = radius of wheel' Source: Some calculation examples are given on that page. - Further information:
  • 1-24-2017 You really need to learn the words. With the given info in cm and seconds, the speed is going to be in cm per second. "Terms of pi" is meaningless. ".5 seconds per revolution" means omega = 4π radians/second. Tangential speed is r times omega = 40π cm/second.

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