• I can't find any indication that a female ever played QB for the Redskins in the 1960's...or the entire twentieth century, for that matter. Maybe you're thinking of Fran Tarkenton, a QB who played during the 1960's. That particular Fran was a male (and still is), a Minnesota Viking, and also, a New York Giant, if memory serves. Google served up the same info. I also ran searches for "Redskin's QB 1960 - 1969" "women AFC", "women NFC", "women NFL", "Redskin's history", as well as, "Has a woman ever played pro football?" Found some interesting stuff, but nothing pertaining to your question. On a personal note, I'm not sure that 1960's America would have accepted a female QB at the pro level, or any other, but I could easily be wrong. Please let me know if you have other information and I'll edit the answer.
  • Maybe your talking about this: 1970 - Pat Palinkas is the first woman to play in a professional football game. Her highly-publicized kick in an Orlando Panthers semipro game was with husband Steve as placement holder. Also: Ashley Martin of Jacksonville (Ala.) State received appropriate hurrahs for kicking a PAT, becoming the first woman to score a point in Division I NCAA football.

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