• 1) Maybe it is not impossible to get something from nothing 2) Maybe the universe has always existed
  • I'll posit that the Universe did not come from nothing, but instead is the consequence of an event that occured in another dimension or space time. This event could have been an abberation, which would make our Universe "special". Or it could be the causal result of the the event, which would make our Universe one of many similar space times. An analogy might be what goes on on the other side of the event horizon of a black hole. All we know is that nothing seams to escape from the interior of black holes. Perhaps as the contents of these cosmic maelstorms become so dense that they cause an explosion large enough to create a rift in our Universes space time. The contents of the black hole would then spill forth into a different dimension than ours. Sorta like a Big Bang....
  • 2-28-2017 I am a Christian. I have to leave this question to the atheists because they are smarter than God.
    • Jewels Vern
      It might interest you to know that there were eye witnesses to what we mistakenly call creation. They recorded their observations as best they could, carving some records into stones and passing verbal accounts from one generation to the next. It has taken a very long time to interpret these records because they don't describe anything we have seen. For example the legend of the dragon is carved into rocks all over the world, but it is only recently that anybody has noticed a natural effect that fits that description. This is a long book because it tries to cover everything completely.
  • The physical exists through the nonphysical or spiritual. God created the universe possibly through the big bang and he created it by his word. He spoke it into existence and the universe likely developed over billions of years. Im a christian if your wondering
  • The universe has no beginning nor end, and theories such as the Big Bang Theory are nothing but hoaxes. Christianity and other monotheistic programs are used as tools to keep the population spiritually deprived and the power in the hands of those at the top. Satan is not “evil” as described in the Bible - He is ineffably beautiful, and He and the other Gods (such as the Greek Gods etc) love humanity. Learn the TRUTH:
  • 3-10-2017 Let's examine your "if". We do not know that it is impossible to get something from nothing. We only assume that because our logic can not deal with any other situation. In fact we have not observed any example of creation, so we can not say anything at all. We just don't know.

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