• I think they make the world a better place to live :)
  • It's probably one of the oldest professions around.
  • I cant be hypocritical and knock it because I have supported this line of work in my day. But now that I have a daughter of my own, my outlook has changed where I don't think its a respectable line of work, especially when we possess many other talents that we can display.
  • Hey, if they want to be shaking their naked boodie for the whole world to see, go for it. Easy money for most... men will always pay to see boobies! To quote a dear friend of mine, "once you have seen one set of boobies, you want to see them all".
  • If they're cool with it, what do we really have to say about it?
  • I don't have a problem with the business or the people involved in it. However, i would be very uncomfortable being there seeing them dance. Its kinda like watching porn with a family member.
  • I wouldn't want anyone I cared about to do it. :(
  • If that is how someone wants to make their living and they have the looks and body for it I say go for it. From what I have heard it can be a very lucrative business for those with the right looks personality and body.
  • This form of dancing, always invites all forms of other vices. like, drugs and sex. Once a person has worked in this profession, its difficult for them work in an honest occupation. Their past will haunt them the rest of their lives, especially if this person marries and later meets a lap dance customer of the past. Very difficult to explain to the husband.
  • I thought about giving it a go for a while once - although I'm not entirely sure I'd ever go through with it. I have friends who are strippers and they seem to enjoy it - I think it's probably quite hard at times, especially if you're dealing with drunk customers or working in one of the seedier clubs- but if you're happy making money that way- there are probably worse jobs.
  • well, I spent many years working with sex workers in san francisco(dancing is included in this category...because of the things it often leads to) and i always did my best to not judge. I met alot of women that I deeply admired...but i always felt that these women had so much more to offer the world than a naked body for men to leer at and objectify.
  • When I was 21 I went into a club, filled out an application and got an interview. They called me on the phone and told me that they wanted me to come back in. I never did. Something inside me could not take off my clothes for strangers, be happy and feel sexy about it. I wouldn't judge women that strip. In fact I don't have a right to judge them. I just know that I couldn't do it myself.
  • I think that if they have the body to make money with then go for it. To each their own.
  • I think it is a wonderful thing and a gift from god.I think if the world had a million more strippers there would be less violence and war.
  • I'm not really into it and it's a waste of money on my part lol:) But I don't judge them either, if it's something they really need or want to do then hey...good for them!
  • I had a discussion about a similar topic with friends a while back, (but about models, not strippers) and one of them was shocked at my position. He believed it was noble to use your brain to earn a living, but not your body. I am no hottie, so I never had the ability to choose- all I have is my brain! But if I had both looks and intellect, I would use that intellect to analyze my options: 1.) I could spend years in college studding a profession, and then work many years doing mind-numbing labor for incompetent superiors and insane clients to prove myself and rise up in the company and make a good living. OR 2.) I could just stand there and let people take pictures of me, and make millions. When my looks fade, I can become a photographer. Or just live of of my money. Since I'm smart, I would not waste it on drugs and excess like dumb models do. I think #2 is the smarter choice. :)
  • I think there is absolutly nothing wrong with the takes a lot of guts to get up there in front of people half naked...
  • eewwwwww
  • i work as a podium dancer, i do not take my clothes off for money but i do dance in bikinis etc. it takes a lot of guts to do what we do and deal with the abuse people give us...especially women.
  • If it gets you through school and you can handle the job, go for it. Even if you're not trying to pay for school or feed 3 children, if you're okay with it, it's all that matters.
  • People can do whatever they want with their life, nobody has the right to tell them they should not. So...if they want to do it, don't judge.
  • It's an art but some bad behaviours of these dancers made it seem such a ... thing. anyways dance is dance.
  • have fun. i'm not complaining because they're making money.
  • it's a necessary thing....guys need these kinds of places, so thank goodness there are those talented beauties who can do ALL professions, there are good and bad people doing it....i personally think they're awesome
  • To each his own
  • There's money to be made but I don't think it's a permanent position. Nothing wrong with 'striking while the iron's hot' yo...
  • I dont mind because i am a stripper myself!!!!! I am also a lesbian girl and i go to clubs and strip for them and then i find a girl who is really hot and strip her down and then i start making out with her and i try not to stop!!!! I squish the girls boobs and lick the girl fuckin ass!! So i dont think this is damn shit! some people call me an ass bitch but i dont care and i say "What the hell you shouldnt ming because i will come back soon. so shut the fuck up you bitch!!!" Who ever thinks this is wrong you are damn fucking ass sucking hell going to little niggers and stoten BITCHES!!!!
  • Unless it's for me: it's wrong!...... republican thinking.
  • Do it before you are 50.

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