• I don't think any of them could be set to Military time. Half of them are broken and one is set an hour behind on purpose (so I can spend more time on Answerbag)!
  • one. the other four are set incorrectly on purpose.
  • Laugh out loud! None of them carry the correct time, not even my watches.
  • At least 14 (counting the three cell phones, three computers, and the Wii).
  • 3 are set by the cabel clock so they should be right. The other 2 are alarm clocks and I keep them set fast!!!!
  • Just my sun dial...But does anyone really know what time it is?
  • We have a stereo, a clock, 2 laptops, 3 watches and 2 mobile phones all are set to (approx) the right time.
  • I have a clock, a microwave, and a laptop. They're all set off the laptop. Oh, there's the cell phone too.
  • Currently all of them are within 2 minutes of acccurate.
  • None that I have put out 10 -- There all ahead 10 minutes -- Only the ones on my cable box and computer are correct - 12:55 pm right now + 5
  • My digital ones all show the correct time (atomic clock) but my analog clocks and watches are all good within 5 minutes or so, except for that huge clock in the library, it's 1 hour off for half the year because I'd have to get a big ladder to adjust it. My daughter was given an assignment to see how many clocks and watches were in our house and I was surprised to find we had almost 50.
  • I have 12 clocks, but how am I supposed to know which one is right?
  • All of them ... they are all set to the same time as my computer system clock ... and my computer checks it self with "atomtime" every time I connect to the internet ... it is a free download that checks the exact time, to a very small decimal place, with an official atomic clock over the internet ... it then resets my computer time to be the same as the atomic clock. ... and my cell phone clock is always kept accurate by my phone's provider. __________ 1. main alarm clock. 2. display clock on stereo. 3. internal clock on TV. 4. display clock on old VHS. 5. internal clock on answering machine. 6. display clock on microwave. 7. cell phone's clock. 8. computer's system clock.
  • All do except for one cuckoo clock that runs slow. I make it right every 5-6 days to keep it close to the right time. I try to adjust the pendulum but it's so touchy since it's new position.
  • I have a few of those atomic wall clocks and a digital one in my bedroom and they are all syncronized.
  • I dont look at the clocks at home, but the one in my car is right.
  • The two in my bedroom are correct (a little bit fast though, so I'm not late, even though I still am) and the ones around the rest of the house are completely wrong, I think they're broken I keep putting them right.
  • All except two that are hard to set so they stay on daily savings time.
  • All 3... They are all on the computer and get checked through the gov time clock. I am weird about that!!
  • All of them as opposed to my friend who has a variety of clocks that you need to add the times together and take the average to get close to what the real time is.
  • My celly and my computer are the closest, I think. Other than that the grandfather clock and the cuckoo clock rarely agree.
  • Three out of four.

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