• I'll be honest. I took some dirty photos with my camera phone and sent them to the guy I was sleeping with. But deleted them right away and made sure they were deleted from his phone too. At the time it made me feel a little bit wild, but now, months later, I kinda feel dirty.
  • At the time I felt sexy, later I was hugely embarrassed. During my divorce I discovered that my darling hubby had shared them with his sleazy friend. I mean actually GAVE him some copies he had printed. Who knows where they are now.
  • I sent my boyfriend some partial nudes over the summer. I never thought I'd do something like that but I knew he liked them and being able to do that for him made me feel happy, and a little bit empowered for reasons I can't understand.
  • Yes, I have. And no, I did not and do not feel embarrassed. I am not ashamed of my body. I am a nudist, so I naturally feel most comfortable and happy naked. Being nude isn't a "big deal" for me. If anyone whom I choose to share those intimate pictures with dishonours me and shows them to other people, that reflects negatively on the type of person they are, not me.
  • Nope and don't plan on it either. For any one or any reason. If it's not good to do it to the women in those magazines I sure as hell am not going to do it to myself. I've got a couple of other reasons too. What if you break up? How do you know you're newly made ex isn't going to plaster them all over the net? I know more then one girl this has happened too. What's worse is because she gave them to him and they were not copy righted he was legally allowed to do what ever he wanted with them since they were his property. Number two what if my kids found them? How do I then explain to them that this kind of behaviour is not exceptable to do to someone? I can't since I did it myself. To me it's just too risky.
  • No, and I never will! Now with all the technology and nude photo scandals happening with celebrities I could never do that. You never know if someone you trust could break up with you and out of spite put the photos on the internet.
  • Yes, to a man I thought I was going to marry. We were apart for months at a time, because he lived far away. We are no longer together, but I don't regret it, because I still love him, and trust him totally. I don't feel dirty at all. Some of the OTHER things I did, maybe, but not the photos.
  • I LOVED it. Yes, I had a number of them taken. I had one framed for him. And some wallet sized.
  • I've had them taken, discreet ones,and it was a wonderful gift to the bf.
  • I haven't taken any myself, but I've let my boyfriend take nudes of me in the bathtub and on the bed with his digital camera. We live about sixty miles apart, so I want to see what he's missing. We also use our webcams and we both get naked on them.
  • I have but I never put my face in pic. It made feel more sensual.
  • Yeah I have. A bunch.

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