• It's best to go get some sleep, then get up to do the work. It also helps to review the questions briefly before going to bed, 'cuz your brain will work on it during the lighter phases of sleep, and it will seem easier in the morning.
  • G'day Someone, Thank you for your question. Based on my experience, it is better to get some sleep and do it in the morning. Once I am tired, the quality of the work detiorates badly leading to simple mistakes. I even fall asleep at the keyboard. Regards
  • How can you function adequately if you are tired. How can you do a creditable job when you are too tired. Get some sleep and do a good job when fresh and your mind is sharp.
  • I think waking up early with fresh perspective is the way to go. Just don't hit the snooze to many times.
  • It would be better to do your work when you are refreshed, but you should at least start the work or look over what you need to do before you go to sleep so that you don't misjudge how long you need to complete the assignment.
  • I have a hard time sleeping, and end up tossing and turning for half the night if I go to bed too early. I usually run on five hours of sleep, and don't go to bed until three-ish in the morning. But if I have something due the next day, and if I've put it off that long, I stay up and finish it. It's not that big of a deal, plus my professors usually just lecture, and I test rather well, even when I'm sleepy. Plus, I'm a caffeine-addict. I'm sure that has something to do with it.
  • i stay up late , cause if i don't i will never get to sleep cause i know i need to finish something
  • Personally I would have to do it that night no matter how tired I am. Because I know that even if i tell my self I will get up early to do it, i will not get up.
  • go early to bed, sleep long and deep and set your alarm clock for an hour earlier. nothing better than a good 10-12h sleep!

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