• I give points to a question or answer, don't normally look at the level. +5 *feels good* :-)
  • Not any better than it does to give points to a higher lvl'er. I just like giving points for good content.
  • I give points because I think the question and/or answer is good; not because of who or what level is involved. Yes I enjoy giving points!!!!!!!!
  • Yes - I like it when a newbie gives a great answer instead of a one worder - it shows that they like the site and are startingto enjoy it - I love +6ing the new guys :)
  • I suppose I must have mutated to a 'higher up' but I've only been coming here for a few months so I don't feel as though I am. In fact I'll never feel any different about how I interact with people from the way I felt the first day I was here. You've got to remember that most of the people that use this site are just ordinary people, with all the foibles of ordinary people - no matter what their Answerbag level. I've said it before - being called a Sage here gives absolutely no guarantee that I possess the slightest amount of sagacity, it just means I've got free time on my hands and I like talking to people. I just give points for what I enjoy reading, no matter who wrote it.
  • I like being 'higher up' sop I can give ANY MEMBER points for good questions and great answers. Yes, it does make me feel good to say, "you did real well," "I loved you answer"
  • Not especially. I'd rather get the points.
  • I feel good answering and rating ANY question I answer. And I feel good when I give points to those who answer MY questions. I also enjoy giving points to good questions and answers that have obviously been downrated, and sometimes to other people who answer the same questions I do. I don't really pay that much attention to a person's level.

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