• sometimes a lil bit of everything! a) b) ** mostly b though!
  • For me it would be out of confusion mostly and all of the above - And it happens so rarely that my doctors worry a little Hi Rickster ----- + 5
  • A little from b and c...
  • Never A, most often B, and always C. You should compile a test of these questions. They're pretty good.
  • very rarely do i exibit anger.i have exibited anger twice and it was completely justified though the recipient had never seen me like this and it "blindsided" and shocked them beyond belief that i would "go off"like i did.
  • Embarassingly, there have been times when it was totally unjustified. I do try to make sure that I haven't misunderstood first, I find if I do this I remain more calm, even though I may be angry. I do get frustrated at times and shout, this mostly happens with kids jumping all over the place or dogs yapping at nothing or both at the same time. I rarely lose my temper with my boyfriend, but then we don't live together. Even if we did I don't think I would just because he's so dignified and would be disappointed if I tried to have a shouting match.
  • Justification is purely a matter of perspective, really. For example, take a girl who is very irritable when she's PMSing (there are girls who are actually the opposite when it comes to that) I'm sure when they get mad, they feel its justified, when others don't. As for me... well, I dunno. Probably a combination of all three. And when I exhibit my anger, people tend to stay out of my way... I've caused way too many damages with frying pans when I'm pissed.
  • It all depends in the eye of the beholder. Out of the 3, I would say that I'm angry mostly out of frustration because of past events and things I let happen.
  • I'm usually a fairly calm individual, but if provoked (and it takes a lot of provoking), I'll lash out. If I know I'm in a bad mood, I tend to isolate myself until I'm over it. All in all, I try to minimalize the damage I do when I'm angry.
  • Depends on my hormones. ha Actually the person I get most angry with besides me is my boss, which is always totally justified and frustrating.
  • Only when justified.
  • I only exhibit anger when I am frustrated with something. I guess that is justified.
  • Never (a). Sometimes (b)...hey, I'm human. Mostly (c)...and then my 'exhibition' is controlled. I certainly will express my feelings but not in a violent way. Usually verbal with the appropriate tone...."When you do that....I feel really angry"...etc.
  • b out of frustration but sometimes I get angry about something and blow about about something else, displaced anger, which is frustrating!!!!
  • When I am angry it is nearly always out of frustration.
  • Nearly always C. It takes a lot to set me off, but when it happens - watch out!
  • B:)Out of frustration. I rarely exhibit my anger.
  • I would hope that it would be (c) but I believe in reality it is (b).
  • Usually b) Out of frustration. Like if I am calm and try to explain something that I think is relevant to the relationship, and it ends up that the whole time I was talking to them, they had their [metaphorical] fingers in their ears saying lalalala, only then might I turn into the Tasmanian devil.
  • Only when I need it. I don't exhibit anger unless it will do me some good, and it seldom does. So I use it if will work to my benefit, or I don't show any anger at all.
  • I'm sorry that I keep referencing Iraq, but how I deal with anger changed when I was there. Before it would take a LOT to make me mad. In Iraq, and now, if I get angry, I express it immediately (but generally appropriately), but get over it almost as quickly. I can be livid with someone and an hour later it's forgotten. You can't hold a grudge when you're stuck in a tent with two dozen people for months at a time. I need to remind myself that people here handle things differently.
  • THat would be a combination of B & C, Rickster.
  • Most of the time it is only when justified but I can't lie....sometimes it is out of frustration.
  • B I confess
  • I tend to resort to mild anger when frustrated. However I tend to only lash out in anger when justified. Example, I saw a guy beating a woman recently, and lashed out and dropped him with a punch.
  • I tend to show anger when I get very frustrated. My dad always had a temper and would fly off the handle with anything. I guess I kind of inherited his temper.

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