• Well but this just isn't true! In a modern retail environment, which is where we buy 95% of our stuff, there is nobody to negotiate with. What are you going to do, haggle with the cashier at the supermarket? She's not authorized to reduce prices, and you'll annoy the people behind you, and if you want to do that with the manager regularly he'll just tell you "we don't do that here". The modern world isn't set up this way. Somebody wanted to sell a book or something.
  • You mean like at garage sales? Everything is priced to sell and alot of haggling goes on there!
  • You can haggle on anything, but not everywhere. You need to be patient and be willing to provide CASH to get the best prices. Your best bet is to buy last years model NEW when this years model is about to arrive. Waiting allows you to know which model has problems and which are solid units. The best businesses are places where the owner works the shop. They understand what it costs to hold an item and will often reduce the price just to sell it out. Wait for just before your state's inventory taxes. Make your bargain a win for the retailer. I've bought freezers, TV's, Car steroes, and shoes this way. Have fun!

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