• I believe the church will not recognize your marriage. This is because, by divorcing his wife, he forces he and himself to commit adultry. And if he remarries or has relations with another woman, he commits adultry. But, just to be sure, go speak with your local priest.
  • My understanding is that your marriage is NOT recognized by the church until the person you are living with gets an anulment of the previous marriage, since in God's eyes this person is already married and not free to marry you. Until the original marriage is nullified, you are indeed in living in a state of sin and may participate in Mass, but NOT the Eucharist. The only way to receive the Eucharist is if you agree to live together as brother and sister until the original marriage is nullified and you are both free to marry. Your children may become Catholic, the church will not turn away a child, however you be counselled about the example you are setting from them. God Bless, and Good Luck to your family!
  • Nope. According to bible rules you cannot marry a divorced woman.

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