• Perfection.
  • No. There's nothing impossible to those who themselves.
  • I believe that any form of perfection is impossible to achieve in a non-quantized measurement system.
  • Yes, there's many things that are impossible to achieve. I think it's important to balance "believing in yourself" and having goals (on the one hand) with keeping your feet on the ground about how reality actually works (on the other hand). You and I cannot flap our arms and fly. Period. It's impossible. End of discussion. That kind of clarity is what I call being GROUNDED -- not going off into airy-fairy dreamland about how the ground rules of reality work. On the other hand, we often CAN accomplish much more than we believe -- many of our so-called limitations are really just conditioned beliefs about ourselves, and if you shine a bright enough light on those beliefs, you can see that they're not made of anything solid. That clarity allows one to have VISION. So you need both: grounding and vision. Vision without grounding is just fantasy pipe dreams. Grounding without vision is just being stuck going in circles. Our job in this arena is to learn how to both fly and stay on the ground at the same time.
  • Yes, it's impossible for me to achieve level 50.
  • Sure. Usually when we say "anything is possible", we mean anything that doesn't defy the laws of physics is possible. That still leaves a wide range of possibilities!
  • Tom Cruise making another Mission Impossible.
  • Two things I can think of. 1) a man not missing the toilet in the slightest small amount. 2) A woman making up her mind and sticking with it lol No offense inteded to anyone :)
  • Whirrled Peas
  • i think you can achieve what ever you set your mind to. always try, never say i cant. i should listen to myself
  • Accreditation in counterfeiting from a trade school.
  • Nope..may seem that way at times..but nope..nothing is impossible :D
  • I'm pretty sure that flapping my arms won't loft me into the air, but aside from that, anything's possible.
  • Yes there are some things that are humanly impossible
  • Sure for a one legged person he can be sure will never win the 440 in the Olympics, JMO
  • My mission to put down my position with the ten hottest women in the world. this is only virtually possible (don't ask but I know you will).
  • Space travel at the speed of light. =)

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