• If its totally boring yes.
  • No, I try not to. But I get cut off all the time.
  • It's something I've been trying to stop doing. The promblem is, I like to talk, and I don't like it when anyone else is talking to long because I want to get back to talking.
  • At times, but I try not to.
  • Nope . Never . guess it's an insulting thing to do because when somebody does that to me i don't like it . if i do not like what the person is talking i keep myself busy in something else simultaneously allowing the other person to finish whatever he is blabbering .
  • I do have a tendency to do this, the problem is I often think what *I* have to say is much more important or interesting than whatever my interlocutor is saying. I try to just listen and pay attention to what they're saying instead of letting my thoughts wander onto what I want to talk about and blurting it out, sometimes it doesn't work, but apologies do :-)
  • I try not to - it's rude.
  • With a few poor souls that I'm extremely comfortable with in this world, I have done this, I shamefully admit. Most often though, I am the person who will let someone finish before I chime in. If you are a real chatty-Cathy, then I will secretly begin making lists in my head: household chores, groceries, third world countries I'd like to someday visit, tattoos I almost got when I was a young drunken fool, silly limericks that I like to make up when preparing a St.Patrick's Day feast... and all the while, I keep an expression of deep interest :)
  • Sometimes because I know if I don't I will forget what I was going to say....very rude of me:(
  • I do sometimes when I am not being as attentive as I should. When I realize it, I apologize and ask them to please continue.
  • Only if I'm about to fall asleep or scream.
  • Growing up in a house with five kids, this was an unfortunate habit I developed at a young age. I try not to interrupt, but it still happens on occasion. Just ask the voices in my head. None of us gets a word in edgewise!
  • Sometimes I do, but I try not to. Although, I have this friend who I always cut them off mid-story. And thats because, if I didn't, she'd never know what my voice sounded like - she talks so much and at a mile a minute. And she leaves no gap in there where I can safely interrupt, so I HAVE to cut her off! :)
  • i think it's a female problem, yes i do it every now and then
  • Sorry to say it. But I've did it to many times. When I get talking in person or by phone. I've noticed myself doing it. Plus had it done to me so many times that by the time the first story or a question that may of been asked,in the first place. Gets brought back up or told. We've done taken a trip clear around the world in other topics. God forgive me. For I know I've done it.........M.C.S.
  • I'm so long-winded and people are pretty patient with me so I try to return the favor. But sometimes it's like my skin starts crawling I want to cut in so bad.
  • Yes I do! And I hate that about myself - I wish I could just listen to someone drone on and on, but I just lose it. I especially hate it when is telling a story and they stop themselves to think of someone's name.......I have to say, go on, it doesn't matter, finish the story. I, however, am not nearly as bad as my dad, he will, out of the blue, change the topic of conversation entirely, right in the middle of one stories. That is tough to take sometimes.
  • Actually, i do. I find i'm doing this all the time, but i don't mean to be rude or anything. Sometimes, if we're having a conversation and i want to express my opinion, i find i need to cut in otherwise i'd forget what i wanna say. Or, the moment has passed and what i wanted to say doesn't seem relevant anymore. So yes, i do cut people off in the middle of their conversations.
  • I try not to, considering it is one of my biggest pet peeves.
  • i do. when i have a question and somebody is on the phone, i still ask. oh well :)
  • Sometimes I do accidently. But for the most part, no. My sister does that all the time, and its irritating, since sometime the other person will continue talking and she will too, so two people are talking at the same time about different things... (sighs) Or she'll add a bunch of things into whatever you are saying... it gets old..reeeallly fast.
  • no that is a very rude thang to do to somebody sincerly your friend blah ant

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