• It enables you to do so much more in Excel. I don't actually know it, but there are things I wanted to do, and found out that I could only do them if I knew VBA.
  • You can create custom functions, design complex macros to execute repetitive tasks and basically turn Excel into more than a spreadsheet. You are only limited by your skill with VBa and the ultimate limitations of Excel. VBA is also used in Access and other MS packages so it is a great transferable skill. Excel is the best to learn on in my opinion though the if you ever move up to using databases to do you manipulation you have the VBA skills in place. If you use Excel alot then learn VBA sooner rather than later. It also gives you a good intro to object orientated programming. SO then in the future if you want to move onto another language like Java, or C# it will all seem a bit more intuitive.

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