• Facebook. I don't care about bands, music, top friends, or how ugly you can manage to make your "space" look. All I want is a way to communicate effectively and easily. Facebook provides that.
  • None of the above. I'm not exactly a big fan of the type of culture generally associated with "Social Networking" sites. Mostly I just hang around here on Answerbag, where I can at least make myself semi-useful while idly socialising.
  • Well, sorry...the question is not clear to me yet. What sites...or, what sides? I use AnswerBag and Wikipedia most. Reasons: AB : ask and share, having friends and fun. Wiki: to learn something always interesting. Perhaps, this can answer the both of sites and their sides. Thanks.
  • I only have an AB account. Maybe someday I'll get a Facebook or myspace or something. Almost everyone in my family does.

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