• Typically, men wear a white button up shirt, tie, and sportscoat of darker tint (if not black). The color of the tie seems to be dark as well (people arent trying to stand out or show off). I live in Mississippi.
  • If not wearing a tie or jacket, most men at least wear a dressy, button up shirt and dark slacks. women usually wear a dark dress or slacks and a nice blouse. I live in St. Louis, a pretty big city. however, most of MO is rural, and I've been to small town funerals (and weddings) where people wear their nicest jeans and a polo shirt. it really does depend on how and when you are raised.
  • I am in Ohio; the dress can depend on age,social position,job:: So it's anythingfrom jeans and at-shirt to a suite and tie!!!!
  • Its not a "dress code" but you just wear something respectful of the occasion. Men wear mostly a dark jacket or sometimes suit and tie. New England.
  • In California it is all over the place. In a large funeral people dress in everything from Tshirts to full suits. I think the norm for men is between dress shirt and slacks to full suit. I think one thing that causes the wide variety of attire is that people go to funerals so seldom that they don't know what is currently expected.

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