• I think prejudice develops out of a misguided need to protect oneself. If ideas you've always had are challenged by different ideas, if a way of life you're invested in seems threatened because someone else lives differently, if people who look or act differently make you see yourself in a way that is uncomfortable, prejudice is the cowardly and convenient response. It starts with generalizing and progressively takes on nasty tentacles. It all has to do with the way we choose to assimilate knowledge. If we are too lazy to objectively weigh new information and change our view of truth accordingly, we develop prejudice as a handy compartment in which to place those facts which don't fit into our theories of how the world is, or should be.
  • Because of ignorance.
  • I believe one reason is because of the way they were raised...another reason may be because of television i dunno
  • Mainly because of ignorance. As Fun said, "When you don't know better, you belittle."

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