• Okay, since no one is brave enough to answer this. My husband was always fascinated with "girlie magazines" when he was younger. One year I got him a gift subscription to "Playboy" magazine. Truth of the matter was he lost interest really quick. I thought he would enjoy the articles and such in addition to the naked photographs. They just collected dust and he threw them out in the recycle bin. That year we got a lot of strange mailing for sexually oriented stuff. I suppose Playboy sold his name to some other companies and they thought they had the address of a big time pervert. In any event, myself, I never bought adult magazines. If I want to read anything adult, I can find it on line. I was at this yard sale a few months back and they had some Penthouse and Playboy magazines from the 70's... gee how things have changed. Big afros were real popular on the pubes of the ladies posing back then.

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