• Football is pretty physically demanding. Then again most sports are pretty demanding. That's just the first one that popped into my head.
  • OF all the sports I have played, three in HS and two in College, Football was definitely the most physically demanding, purely from the level that you have to be able to play with injury. Most sports you play with pain, aches, soreness, etc., but football you play with actual injuries and if you don't, you usually are not on the field much. While most sports are contact sports, football is a collision sport, and easily the highest level of violent stress on the body. When people can be carted off the field with life threatening injuries, the game is brutal on the body.
  • What is referred to as Soccer because they play for 90 minutes a pop and substitutions are rare. American football is more brutal and dangerous but that's not the issue here. Real tough athletes are these ballers, back of the net shot callers. They could have a tee shirt that reads: Real men dribble. All that beating they take day in and out with minimal protection.
  • At both the moment you play and over time, football would be an extremely physically demanding sport to play. Its one of the sports where there is a possibility of being injured or killed.
  • Weight lifting, they rely on strength alone
  • Should be motocross
  • motocross!
  • Its got to be Soccer or Football depending on whether you are on this side of the pond or the other side of it.
  • Maybe rugby?
  • Motocross and possibly biathlon participant.
  • I would think taekwondo, I mean my god it doesn't look like much but it's hard as fuck.
  • how can motor cross be... i have seen by fat dudes who are like pro. It would have to be Soccer or Rugby. In a game of soccer players have been accounted to run 5-7 miles a game also the only thing you have is little shin gaurds
  • 12-24-2016 To be competitive, an arm wrestler has to be strong enough to actually tear off his opponent's arm. I do not understand why anybody would participate in such a challenge.

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