• i would disagree.
  • Figures a guy would ask this question.
  • We can only hope so.
  • Not the ones I knew.
  • Well I'm sure I can't speak for every female stripper in the world, but all the ones I've ever known (around 8-9) all were. That would give a 100% as far as I know, lol.
  • No, that would be a "stripper myth" just like the other "stripper myth", that all strippers are girls paying for college.
  • i only know 3 strippers personally, and 1 is a lesbian and the other 2 are bi
  • I believe all attractive women are attracted to other atteractive women on some level. Every stripper I've ever seen was bisexual. In the world of porn it's practically 100%. In other words when you place beutiful women in a sexual environment surrounded by other beutiful women their true nature comes out. The girls who choose to dismiss this as male fantasy are obviously just trying to keep their own cover. While lesbians may be cool and trendy right now it's still a difficult thing for a lot of women to acknowledge for a variety of reasons. When you look at all the sexed up tarts that are paraded everywhere you turn these days I would like to know how any girl who is confident about her own level of attractiveness could not be intrigued by the idea of trying it out with another hottie. And I don't care who chooses to deny this paspect or why but it's a stone cold fact that every girl who tries it likes it ... alot. There is a strong case to be made for it being a simple genetic tool that enhances sexual pleasure for both sexes thus increasing the odds of procreation. You can't argue with Mother Nature folks. Go ahead girls; get your freak on!
  • Who honestly cares!
  • It is not true. And please understand that most women who sometimes enjoy girl/girl play do not consider themselves either "lesbian" or "bisexual".

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