• Try it, meet in a neutral place and see what they have to say for themselves. If you dont agree you can just politely tell them and go your separate ways! They must be used to that sort of thing and have prob experienced far worse!
  • Have them meet with you and your BF. You can listen to them they wont bit or anything just share with you the basic of our church. You will have a better understanding what a LDS "Mormon" believes but they will never force you to believe it. - Trust me if you don't want them to visit again just tell them. The worst thing when I was a missionary was having people be wishy-washy. That just wast time trying to contact them and meet them again thinking they were interested.
  • The missionaries will come and present 6 lessons with you on 6 different meetings... only if you ask them to. I am not sure what your relgious affiliations are but from my perspective, this choice is an eternal choice. The missionaries, at the end of the 6 lessons (if you make it that far) will ask you to read the book of mormon and then pray to god about it, asking god to reveal to you if it is true or not. From my perspective, if you read the book of mormon and do not do any other reading/research on what you just read, then you are only basing the book of mormons credibility on feelings that you get. The Bible says we are test all things in light of scripture (The Bible). Now, if the Bible is something you do not hold as the Word of God, then this statement will not hold much weigth with you. It is always good to learn about other religous beliefs but choosing a religion is an eternal choice(in Christianity this leads to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and eternal life in Heaven). There is only one right choice... all religions can be wrong (or some can be wrong), but all religions can NOT be right. Some may have some truth along with un-truth... some more than others, This is where we have to pray for wisdom and discernment. Your choice of membership should NOT be made just because you are dating a mormon.
  • I can share my experience, It might get me down rated, but it's what happened. I met with them a few times before deciding that it didn't interest me. I found them rather pushy, honestly -- from the second meeting it was clear that all they wanted was for me to get baptized. I tried to tell them I was still just learning but they still brought up setting a date every chance they got. They were like vultures, I was their prey. When I finally did end the discussions and tell them I wasn't interested, and not to call me but if I changed my mind I'd let them know -- and they called anyway. A few weeks later, somebody showed up at my door with a large packet of anti-Catholic material (I was going to a Catholic church before I met with them, and decided to go back there). A few discussions turned into a month of stress.
  • I got to say this since your dating a mormon why don't you check out what your boyfriend is learning at his ward you should really meet the missionaires and talk with them there nice people i'm not telling you what to do but the latter day saints are not all bad if you believe in god and love him then you will not give it a second thought if i were you i would go to church.You might like it or you might find out some info and things u did not know im not a mormon yet but i been curious and interested in there church and what there teaching so yeah umm go and see what its like and meet the missionairs if you want.hope your happy with whatever church you go to or whatever religon you choose no matter what gods love is in the bible we all need to have a relationship with our heavenly father i hope this information helps you

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