• I guess I'll wear my old prom dress - it looks like a flame orange and peach sunset :o)
  • lOL. Reaction is to say nothing! But a Low V neck dress like that green valentino Jennifer Lopez wore to the oscars. But different color. And some killer heels
  • oh how I love to dress up and go out! Wish I did it more! With my currant wardrobe, I'd be in my favorite little black dress with the plunging v-neck that reveals just enough, but not too much. My diamond necklace that lands just right, my diamond drop earrings that were my grandmas, and my little black heals with the little black bow on the front. No bracelet b/c I would be wearing a slender watch (I always have to know the time!!). I'd carry my little black clutch purse with the sparkle button - it is big enough for essentials only! Dang, now I am thirsty for a sip of champagne and really have an urge to hit the town!! TGIF!
  • Vintage 1950's style buttonup swing dress with crinoline, fingerless lace gloves, pearl necklace, Good Hairstyle, vintage style stockings (make sure those seams are straight!), vintage heeled pumps.
  • intresting ques..point for that..... well, i guess i would be wearing.....a simple jeans and my fav tee.....i cannot just get into those skimpy dresses......:)
  • my pinstripe suit jacket, dark shirt, black dress shoes and socks, and pocket watch, with my hair slicked back.
  • I would be wearing my dark green velvet floor length dress w/the plunge back {it goes down almost to my lil butt}Since I am only 5'1 1/2" I would be teetering on my 4 1/2" gold, come blank me shoes! I would have my gold opal pendant necklace and opal earrings!My hair would be in a upsweep w/a few little wisps trailing down my back! Dang I look amzing if I do say so myself!!
  • Nothing.
  • Probably something like this or something more traditional.
  • For the rare occasion that I get dressed up I have a dressy skirt and top outfit. I can't describe the fabric too well but it's sort of clingy in the right places. Hubby seems to like it, especially the high heels.
  • Let's see...a boat-necked, long-sleeved black tunic top with some understated sparkle in the fabric...either black velvet or black raw silk slacks...some very sparkly, fancy sandals so my sparkly toenail polish could be curly hair (newly permed curly hair) pulled back from my face, with a few tendrils loose on each side for softness..very little makeup (I never wear any, but I would for a special occasion)! :)
  • A smile.
  • Wedding or funeral - my one and only suit, with a suitable tie. Anniversary dinner - open neck shirt and smart but casual trousers. Unfortunately I don't look amazing, just smarter than my normal thrown-together look.
  • taliored black pants and a sparkly top.maybe red or blue,with pale blue low strapless heels.
  • Well Rickster as you've noticed already. I am a little different than most. OK!!!!A whole lot. But The last suit I wore was during my Sr. Prom. I was & always will be the blue jeans type of person. But that one night many moons ago I did wear a tuxedo. What was left of it, that is. For when I went to pick up my date. She was up-stairs doing her hair. And her wild sister was keeping me from going in. So wearing that tux I went up a tree beside her window to see what was taking so long. That is when her wild sister shot me with a 12ga & I jumped into the window. I got a few holes in the bottom Plus a split in those pants . But we went to the prom anyway. They say I must of had the coolest pants there. All I know is I'll never get back into another Monkey suit again. I'll stay with my good old blue jeans till I die. Besides all my years in school I was the only one in this part of the world who never wore anything other than jeans. Now look around at how many have them on. To bad I never had stocks in them........P.S. Never try going up a tree in a tux. They won't last like blue jeans will....M.C.S.
  • A tailored tux made to look like the tux that terry benedict wears in ocean's 11.
  • My little black dress. It's a tea-length, off-the-shoulder bit that drapes beautifully and makes my legs look pretty. :-) It's also very comfortable, and one of the only things that I always feel sexy in.
  • A two-piece Armani suit with Prada shoes. =)
  • For a wedding, probably my brown dress I got in Ireland... It's For dinner, Probably this little black dress that I have... I like dressing up... I just don't have very many occasions where I can dress up like that for...
  • Rick.. I am not all dressed up and i'm not even going now since you didn't even give me any time to get ready!! How can i know what i am wearing if you don't give me any time to decide!?! I don't know what to do with my hair, i have clothes all over the floor, i hate everything and i don't know if i should wear garnets, diamonds or sapphires. G*d what a headache.. why do men do this .. why do they expect you to be ready in an instant!?!
  • On a man nothing looks better than a traditional tuxedo.
  • Black suede Ann Taylor cocktail dress. Spikes. Gold cuff bracelet.
  • well it depends. i have so many things to choose from. here help me choose option one: emerald green cotton dress with a plunging neckline. very flowy and elegant with my sparkly strappy heels option two: black vintage dress, with grey peeptoe pumps, and my sparkly bangles option three: straight cheetah silk dress, with red pumps. no jewelry, that dress speaks for itself option four: my beautiful graduation dress (yes it still fits). its white with black flower design all over it, with strappy black peeptoes. hmmmmm decisions decisions...
  • james bond tuxedo from casino royale some nice dark pants, a black and gold belt, and some shiny black shoes. Oh yea and a fancy haircut that makes me look rich.

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