• My father was amougst many things a hypnotist and he alsways stated, that asthma did not exhist. Years later I also went into the hypnotic trade and I also now agree with his view. So my answer to you is, try to find a good qualified hynotherapist and give that a go. They may not beable to cure you, but they will beable to lesson the symptons and lesson the occurances. Hope this help you!
  • I strongly disagree with the poster who claims that asthma does not exist - it does and ignoring it can be very dangerous to your health. You may not believe it exists, until you experience it yourself and find it is not a mental fantasy. Asthma is an inflammation of the air passages, which causes them to constrict, reducing the amount of air that a person can inhale. Inflammation may be accompanied by muscle spasms in the chest and the secretion of thick mucus in the lungs. If you have allergies to airborne substances, one of the allergic reactions you experience can be asthma. Asthma has been documented for several thousand years, but has become more common recently in industrialized nations. Perhaps this is due to better diagnosis, but since much of the growth is in urban areas, it may be related to smog and other pollutants. I am certainly aware of the effect of air quality on my asthma and I am quite happy that I no longer live (downwind) in a city with heavy industry. Children usually 'grow out' of asthma before they become adults, but some continue to suffer for the remainder of their lives. Most who develop it as adults suffer for the remainder of their lives if it is not properly managed. Regardless of expense and regardless of a person's career, asthma cannot be cured. However, it can be controlled and you can live a normal life if you suffer from it. You may experience a reduction in the severity of the symptoms as you age, you may become less sensitive to some irritants and more sensitive to others, or it may become more severe as you age. It varies with the individual. The key is proper control and a reduction in the exposure to irritants. A major part of this control is to avoid irritants that trigger your asthma attacks. There is, however, no magic potion. Another poster has discussed the use of hypnosis with asthma. While hypnosis has no effect on the underlying medical condition or on any inhaled irritants, it may be beneficial in one respect. People usually experience high levels of stress during an attack and some panic. This can aggravate an attack because a person's chest muscles can further tighten. The physiological effects of an asthma attack are unpleasant and often include the sensation that one is suffocating. Hypnosis may help some to better manage their stress during an attack.
  • I don't think there's a way to 'get rid' of asthma, unless you naturally grow out of it. However, by using respirators, you can slowly increase your lung capacity, and thus also lessen the symptoms and frequency of asthma attacks. Respirators are just small pieces of apparatus with a mouthpiece that you breathe in from, you have to suck the air in with quite a bit of strength. Respirators are available in most department stores and catalogue shops eg Argos(UK). There are respirators made especially for asthmatics and people with breathing difficulties. There are also ones for athletes, which you could possibly start to use after your lungs had mastered the asthmatic one. They cost about £50. I'd strongly recomend that you only use these products under the supervision of your health care provider, as while these things may help some people, they're not suitable for everybody, and could make your asthma worse.
  • A hypnotist, maybe, but the facts are that if your body is alkaline, instead of acidic, then you will be releived of your asthma. So cut out sugars, and fats, eat only fish, foul, or lamb for your meats, and take lots of vegitables. Fruit only for breakfast is good as long as you do not mix the fruits with Grapefruit, or Oranges. If you eath GF or ORANGES then do not eat anything else with them. When you eat, try not to drink much liquids with the food. Stop liquids about 5 to 20 minuetes before eating. Cerial is not good for you. Not only becuse of it's putrifying effects, but because polysterene dirivatives are added into it. See this link. Also see this link that tells more about the cause/cure. Scroll down to the Edgar Cayce perspective. And get a book called Alkalize or Die. This tells how to eat. Do not put fruit in ceriel either. Do not eat margarine, as it is made from rancid oil, and does putrify the flesh. Do not have anything with nutrasweet, aspartame, equal, xylitol etc.. as this turns into wood alcohol, and formaldihyde in your system, neither of which are any good. Steer away from Rye bread, or any bread, as some of the geneticly modified grains have been found to CAUSE alergies. Even though they were recalled, they are still found in the grain bins because it is almost impossible to get rid of the polins from the food chain in the fields.
  • no asthma is caused by hypersensitive/hyper-reactive bronchi that spasm in response to stimuli (external or internal). If you have ever been diagnosed with asthma you will be given a methochlorine challenge pulmonary function test. Even if you are not displaying symptoms of asthma, this compound will still cause your respiratory system to react differently then someone without asthma and will result in you being barred from the service. Asthma is a chronic condition, you can have periods of remission, but you do not outgrow it (the confusion over this comes from asthma type episodes following RSV that can last for up to 6 yrs..these are the kids that outgrew *asthma* wasn't asthma it was RSV after effects).
  • Asthma is a physiological condition that causes chronic inflammation of the lungs and bronchi and a hyper-responsive/hyper-sensitive respiratory system. Flares are simply a result of that. Hypnotherapy may help some with flares, but understanding what is going on and learning to stay calm during flares will achieve the same. If you or your father have told people they are *cured* because they are not having flares, then you should be sued. Because the inflammation is still there and is causing permanent damage to the bronchi and lungs which raises their risk for COPD's and lung cancer. Please educate yourself on the difference between asthma flares and ASTHMA. This posted in the wrong place. It was supposed to be a comment to the claim that hypnotherapy can let you *beat* asthma.
  • I had asthma when I was young. I can assure you that there's no way to get rid of it. If you're lucky, you'll grow out of it like I did. Depending on how severe it is, don't tell your recruiter if you decide to enlist. If you do, it's going to be an automatic disqualification. No matter how much they told me and threatened me about lying, I made my military career just fine. But, just remember, you can be court-martialed for lying on your enlistment.

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