• You could ask if it's wise to fall in love at all sometimes... In anycase, I believe that if it IS love, it really doesn't matter WHERE you are. Sure there may be problems about breaking up. But that's true for any relationship. What you should be wise about is discuss these things with the person while the relationship is new. Have a course of action in case things don't work out.
  • My mother in law fell in love with and married her next door neighbor. So much for the expression "love thy neighbor". They have been married for 19 years.
  • Well, wise or not, if you're truly falling in love you can't decide whether or not to do it, you just do. (In my opinion anyway). But I guess it depends on how close you live, how often you would have no choice but to see them if things didn't work out, and how many mutual friends in the neighborhood you have.
  • Depends on if your loving thy neighbors hubby or wife? If they are single then love away with your naughty neighbor.
  • It depends. Love is not a one way traffic. If I get a positive response, the idea of falling in love with a neighbour is quite interesting.
  • i LITERALLY married the boy next door !!
  • Quite wise & economical, you can save petrol or fare costs, can have a date everyday, can chat whenever you feel so but beware the closeness might lead u to getting in bed together faster than u supposed to.
  • Not if you want your other girlfriends to continue to come visit.
  • You fall in love with whomever you happen to fall in love with. I don't think there's rhyme, reason, logic, or order to it. It is what it is, and it comes first.
  • I am falling for someone who grew up in the same neighborhood. :D So, YES!
  • Sure, look at Winnie and Kevin.
  • Wise no cause you have to live near them and if things get rusty and hard to manage itll be worse for u 2. risky yes, some people love that risk though
  • Yes, Very wise. I did, and we have been married for 45 years of absolute bliss!!
  • Difficult one - I've been dating my next door neighbour for nearly 2 years and we sadly broke up a few days ago. It's very hard to live next door to someone you once loved and still love (in my case). It's great when you're together but when it goes pear shaped, it's horrible! I wouldn't recommend it unless you are a strong person and can handle it if sometthing goes wrong.

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