• I think that you are guilty of sexist thinking!
  • The word "feminist" means someone who wants equality for both sexes. Define your use of the word "masculinist", and you will have your answer.
  • Masculism Most boys are raised with the understanding that it's okay to beat up men, to remove all feelings and emotions, and to blame men for pretty much anything. It's popular. No matter what kind of man you are, you're expected to be violent and aggressive. Even on AnswerBag, it's socially acceptable to say that all men in the world should be castrated. Misandry is as normal and pervasive as the air we breath.
  • Just for the record, I'm not racist...but to answer your question...for the same reason that it's okay to promote "black power" and not "white power". Men have always been dominant, so it would be opressive for women if masculism was promoted.
  • Depends on the kind of feminist you are. "gender feminist"-Your as bad as those you claim to despise, please die. Example of gender feminist- (Read it and laugh along with me, basically "it's time for generic women to be president, generic black man can wait". Gender and identity politics =/) "Equality feminist"-Ok people, just asking for equal rights. Only problem is-there are open myths that each side proposes that need rectifying. Instead of trying to fix problems which don't exist, they should focus on issues that actually matter. EDIT:The link I posted has been edited by someone, there is a large portion of that press release that seems to have been cut off. I'll look for a clean copy, for now read that till I can edit my answer.
  • Who said it's ok to be a masculinist or feminist? A feminist simply means someone who believes men and women should have equal rights. Men can be feminists too. As a feminist, and under the tennet that men and women should have equal rights, it isn't ok for women to hit men or for men to be deprived of their rights either. Feminists aren't man-haters, that rumor was started by men who wanted to squash the movement by stereotyping women and trying to deter others to join. I believe our society is set up in such a way that gender roles are harmful for men and women alike, as men are often encouraged to not seek help when they need it or to express themselves in ways that would ultimately be healthier for them.
  • The vast majority of women don't think being a feminist is OK and want nothing to do with feminism and its misandry - and they get along just fine. Most men and women just go about their lives without being any kind of IST.
  • Feminism is wanting for the women to have equal rights as men. I have no idea what Masculinism is. Wanting to have the same rights as women? That would be silly, I doubt guys want to be set back in their rights. Wanting more rights than women? That's assholery. *shrug*
  • Should have been a comment.

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