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  • Well, the first thing we need to know is are you a young child, a teenager or an adult. Let's go for "the teenager." Firstly, I personally don't think that masturbation is a "bad thing." The sensation of masturbation, getting an erection, ejaculating, usually accompanied by a very good whole-body feeling known as orgasm. Have you heard the old saying, "there's a time and a place for everything"? Masturbation is more a private sexual activity either done by you or with someone else. If you feel that your masturbation is getting too rough, if you want to masturbate all the time, then I would recommend seeing you're local doctor. Again, there's nothing wrong in what you're doing. I hope this helps answer the question for you.
  • how much do your masturbate whats too much it's a normal thing i would have to know how much you do it
  • i know as a little girl my mom would tell i would sit in front of the tv playing with my self. as i grew older i would masterbate a couple times a day. i remember waiting to get home from school so i could do it. i am now in my 30s and married i still masterbate at least once a day along with making love to my husband 3 to 4 times a weeks so if that is to much then i am addicted to it also. but i do not let it run my life either.
  • Just forget about it. Don't think about it. It used to be so hard for me, and sometimes still is, but I just set my mind on something else. Avoid situations that might cause sexual feelings, and live your life without it. Oh, and a website advised me to get married as fast as I can! Good Luck!
  • Established that you do actually have an addiction. Are you neglecting other things like family friends work and priorities to masturbate> Is masturbating just something you do in your spare time or you miss other things to do....if you HAVE to do it and you cannot go without doing it then you are likely addicted, although take this with a grain of salt. if you are addicted, then you have to be ready to take control. you have to want it badly enough, you havr to be ready to get help.
  • Well there is onething none of you really try to understand I would rather say half the world is against the teachings I believe in. I am a Muslim and Islam is my religion. When I was young I never realized that the world we live in is full of dARk mortals, evil doers and hidden black forces. When I was just a kid I was taught that satan will strike me from all direction, many black forces will surround me but my purpose is just one and that is " God created me to pass this test, the test of being a human" My prophet prohibited pornography, sexual intercourse before marriage, masturbation in teen-age for they all are things that satan wants us to do. Have you ever wondered why Islam prohibits women from cloths that exposes there body.Why Women and males are taught not to interact alot with opposite sex except their mother and sister.Why we preach to look at opposite sex the way you look at your sister ? The answer is simple , Allah teaches his believers that what benefits him all his life. We teach our children to be simple in attitude and be modest. We don't imprison a women with a veil on her face but the Prophet Mohammad and all other Prophets, Jesus , Moses, John ( peace be upon them all )informed us about the good it gives us in future. It protects a society from indulging in immodest acts like desire for sex and masturbation. Your feelings are only aroused when you look at an opposite sex with immodest appearance. Thats why Islam prohibits music. You can see how women are used as a product in music videos, how they arouse your feelings and force you to get indulge in things that leaves only one effect, evil addiction, that destroys your life and your faith. Brothers no medicine can cure such diseases masturbation is just one of them. The solution is just one, start understanding the purpose of your living, is it getting education, good wife/husband, good job ? OR IS IT MORE THAN THAT. YOU WILL INDEED DIE ONE DAY, ENDING THIS JOURNEY OF LIFE. I CAN JUST ADVISE YOU TO UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH BEOFRE ITS TOO LATE, THIS LIFE IS NOT A REALITY , REALITY LIES FAR BEYOND YOUR IMAGINATION FOR IT IS LIFE AFTER DEATH. I KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT BUT DO YOU KNOW WHAT LIES NEXT ? ANONYMOUS,
  • what I did was first pray for God to take this desire away and clear my mind of such things(what I did).Then I bought a stationary bike since I cannot get out much and focused my mind else where. If you find yourself doing it then pray again for God to take it away before you do it. Avoid listening to sexual music, sexual talk, sexual anything unless it is with your spouse. Trust me it works!
  • masturbation isn't an addiction, it's a pleasure
  • What has addiction to do with masturbation? If he has alot of desire to masturbate, it is only because his body is of such physical nature. Why can't anyone intelectually evolve beyond the nonsens about sex being a pleasure. What you call pleasue is just an illusion, it is a satisfactory perseptiveness designed only to drive you to and through the human procreation process. If the human body was free from its sexually stimulative organs and features, we would have no desire for any sexual intercourse, in fact we would find it disgusting and absolutely unnecessary. I just hope that our civilisation will eliminate these retarding aspects from the human body sooner, reverting to fully artificial inseminative breeding in order to leav our minds free to pregress intellectually, contrary to now that most of what we actually worry and think about is linked to sex. It is a burden which we will remove from our selves inevitably, and we wount need god for that.
  • Why would you want to get rid of it? I actually think that's a good addiction. Not only do you get to know yourself so you can know how to show your sexual partners how to please you in the future, but you also get to relieve yourself at the same time. Masturbation is COMPLETELY normal. Don't be ashamed of it.
  • Boy, that Islamic answer is disturbing. Is it any wonder so many of the world's terrorists are Islamic if THAT's the attitude? Men need sex. Prohibiting masturbation just makes them more whacky. What an uneducated viewpoint! Do NOT get rid of your addiction. Indulge it. Beat off all you can. You'll be a better man for it.
  • Its not a addiction its healthy to shoot a load every day

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