• A team sport like baseball or softball or soccor...
  • Not one sport. As children they need to be exposed to a variety of activities. They learn different things from differnet sports, and it may take awhile for them to find their niche. As children sports should be about learning to have fun, learning good sportsmanship and learning to move and develop coordination.
  • whatever they are personally interested in. Team sports are good though, and if I had to select one, I'd say soccer. It's quite active and it's a team sport.
  • as a juggler, i feel i have to suggest it. it's a great activity. it's fun, it's social, it's easy to start and and progress is fast at first. it's great for hand-eye coordination and reflexes. local clubs are poping up all over the place. you can check out if there's one near you here: it's fun for the whole family
  • Whatever sport does the most for that individual child. Team sports and individual sports should both be be considered. Make sure it is something you can afford the fees and gear for (nothing is worse than getting hooked on something and then not being able to do it because it is too expensive). It doesn't really matter *what* the sport is, so long as the child is learning and engaging and getting exercise and having fun!

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