• Ya they're funny... :-)
  • Good old smiling Bob no matter what a litte medication just makes the world right and every man wants to be Bob!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • i find them funny because he obviously has so much blood flowing to his penis that he can no longer operate his brain... and it appears that his erect penis is now so huge he has cause his wife blunt force trauma. a larger penis might make your sex better, but youre not gonna be that happy all the time. unless enzyte happens to have thc in it.
  • At first I thought they were extremely corny. But they've grown on me and I do find them funny.
  • I can't stand those commercials, to be honest. They give me a headache.
  • Yeah! They are funny!
  • I'm most amused that this guy will never have another decent acting job again. He's famous for all the worst reasons. I'm sure he can't even walk down a street without people pointing at him. There's something about that eerie smile though... :)
  • As a matter of fact, I'm trying to find out if the parent company would consider offering, as a promotion or for separate sale, DVD sets containing all of the ads. I may have very strong doubts about the value of ENZYTE, but I DO know that laughter can be very therapeutic. Personally, I have a very strong suspicion that 'BOB' may actually be the "Love Child" of none other than the late Ozzie Nelson. Take a look at pictures of both, some time. I have also heard that "Mrs. Bob" is, in fact, June Cleaver's less-attractive sister.
  • ive never seen them

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