• From what I can find this is a real deal, or an extremely elaborate hoax! By the way, this is for a law firm, it appears to be located in Chicago. I can't believe my eyes.. :
  • I think it's retarded, lol. But hey ... whatever works. They always say no publicity is bad publicity. And it is real:
  • I think it's really sad. But at the same time it deals perfectly with society today. People get married just because, get divorced just because they can, then get married again just for the h*ll of it. It's disgusting, like marriage is just something to do to pass the weekend. All I gotta say is they didn't have to do much market research, just turn on the news or look at the latest magazine gossip...I'm sure yet another celeb is married, divorced, or popping out another kid and THEN divorcing!
  • holy chit! I think it summarizes just how much of a THROW AWAY SOCIETY we really are! "Spouse not PERFECT? No problems...get rid of em! Some heartless, shallow, golddigging, sexy babe or hunk is just waiting to have your glorious self in their lives!" "Is your husband too exhausted from WORKING every day, to go to the gym and hunk up some? Has your wife lost that flat, taunt tummy she had when you first married her, after having your 3 children, are her perky breasts starting to SAG a bit after all those months of breast feeding? GET DIVORCED! After all, as WONDERFUL as you doubtlessly DESERVE the best life has to offer! Hunky, younger men LOVE a good looking older woman...with BIG assets! And younger, hot babes love older men with soft beer bellies...(they're fun to cuddle with!) and fat, healthy wallets! Why stay with that worn out old fart or bitch you married for better or for worse! GET DIVORCED and start LIVING AGAIN! Yup...just what we all needed...a PROMPT.
  • That's disgusting.

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